Published: June 30th, '08

Interviews with: Death Breath (Swe), Vulcano (Bra), Dead Congregation (Gre), Throneum (Pol), Manticore (Usa), Mandatory (Ger), Nomad (Pol), Afgrund (Swe), Panzerfaust 'zine (Pol), Apocalyptic Visions (Usa) and fresh Polish blood in the shape of Bloodwritten, Inseminator, Underdark and Repossession + Wisdemon's gallery, almost 230 reviews (!!!) as well as reviews on classic 90's stuff, playlists and a handful of UG news

A4, 56 pages, written in ENGLISH!, pro-printed

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500 (sold out!)

2 EUR / 3 US $ (postage NOT included!)

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USA: Nuclear War Now!, Hells Headbangers, Deathgasm, Red Stream
EUROPE: Pagan (Pol), Time Before Time (Pol), Nuclear Winter (Gre), Deformeathing (Pol), Old Temple (Pol), Nihilistic Holocaust (F), Terror Blast (Mac), Corpse Fire (Hun/CZ), Dead Center Prods (Ukraine), Breath Of Pestilence (Fin), Northern Heritage (Fin), Iron Bonehead (Ger), Terror From Hell (Ita), Dissonance (Pol), Kampf (Pol), Lilith (Pol), Brewery distro (Pol), Odium Rex (Pol), Diachell Musik (Pol), Metal Jeers (Pol), Mandatory band (Ger), Necromancer (Ger), Redrum666 (Pol), Black Vomit (Gre), Kneel Before The Master's Throne (Ger)
CENTRAL AMERICA: Blazing Obscurities (Costa Rica)
SOUTH AMERICA: Rawblackult (Bolivia)
ASIA: Slava Prod. (Thailand), InCoffin Prod. (Thailand)
OZ: Asphyxiate

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