Published: January 16th, '15

Interviews with: Erik of Watain, Bob of Immolation, Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza of Exodus/Hatriot, Mr. Mors Dalos Ra of Necros Christos, Silencer of Medico Peste, L.L. of Desolate Shrine, David of Domains, Mysth & Morbid of Ethelyn, Rou of Sartegos and Chris of Ominous Domain distro/Razed Soul Records. To complete the whole, we have included a short article about France’s Massacra and, as usual, Sascha of Mandatory’s memories of classic (death) metal albums of the 1990s, some quotes, playlists, and over 200 reviews of music and ‘zines

A4, 68 pages, written entirely in ENGLISH, pro-printed

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PLN14,5 (Poland), €7 (Europe), $9 (World) – registered postage included!

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EUROPE: Old Temple (Pol), Witching Hour (Pol), Putrid Cult/Bad to the Bone (Pol), Fallen Temple (Pol), Arachnophobia (Pol), Deformeathing (Pol), Pagan (Pol), Kampf (Pol), Demented Omen of Masochism (Pol), Fistbang (Gr), New Era (Hol), The Sinister Flame (Fin), World Terror Committee (Ger), Terratur Possessions (Nor), Kill Yourself (Gr), Xtreem Music (Fra), Northern Heritage (Fin), Witchcraft 'zine/Schattenmann's ZineZone (Ger), Grom (Srb), Breath of Pestilence (Fin), Drakkar (Fra)
NORTH AMERICA: Hells Headbangers, Nuclear War Now!, Deathgasm, Ominous Domain/Razed Soul
ASIA: Afterlife (Mys), AreaDeath (Chn)

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