Interview by Maciek (November 2006)

DeathThrash Coma

Fuck, I hate writing introductions. I prefer to listen to good metal music such as INSEMINATOR executes for example. So play some cool old-school stuff and read some words from Necrovomitor responsible for four strings and vocal cords and from Kill playing the six strings, sometimes seven...

Hi! There are many bands playing retro-metal nowadays. We've got e.g. Throneum, Witchmaster, Bestial Raids, Blasphemy Rites, Bloodthirst. Good, foreign bands are Black Witchery, Bestial Mockery and many others. What's your opinion of so-called "retro trend"? How do you find Inseminator in it? Have you discovered old music recently or your musical education started with all these bands as Venom, Bathory, Sodom... What's your favourite band playing old school metal?
Ncvmtr: Hell-o Maciek. I don't understand what's the point of such speculations "what do you think about retro-trend" etc. In my opinion, attention of many people is concentrating on worthless groups, by dint of that divagations. If you want to stigmatise something or somebody, just ignore it/him with silence. Inseminator was never an active element of metal scene, we rather stand aside this bog, we're outdistanced, we do what we like, but without useless pompous ;).
I don't like Venom (with the exception of "Resurrection"), two first LP's of Bathory are tragic hopeless, but I don't have any problem with appreciation of their phenomenon, as like "Black Metal". In the early 80's it was a real extreme music, break fresh ground.
I think that Witchmaster is a band that I listen to more often.

Kill: The reason why Inseminator plays in such a way is simple. The founder was Mekong. And he is a thrash metal maniac as long as we know him. He has probably heard every single thrash metal record on the globe ;). We, me and Necro, have added some black/death elements and that's the way it keeps rolling..

It seems you don't like an underground scene nor integration, do you?
Kill: We just don't need integration. We don't play any gigs, primarily because our line-up was never complete, so the need of contact with underground isn't very strong. We just play to please ourselves mainly, and the only person who we keep the contact with is Ancient from MetalRulez Prod., who makes us feel good once for a while, releasing our stuff.

You recorded some covers e.g. Kreator's "Tormentor" and Death/Mantas' "Evil Dead Beyond the Unholy Grave". The latter you played much faster, by the way he,he. What's your favourite cover song played by an another band?
Ncvmtr: Indeed, I think we can say it's unwritten principle with cover songs. Both our demo tapes include cover songs, which were played faster than original ones. It's hard to mention my favourite remake, so maybe any of them (I've ever heard) doesn't fetch me enough. Lux Occulta and Luciferion did excellent versions of KAT's "Time Of Revenge" and "Gates Of Lust " respectively.

How would you explain that every band you're involved in (Inseminator, Mord'A'Stigmata, Solnorth) plays very good music?
Ncvmtr: He,he. Are you suggesting that I'm the Midas of XXI century?! Really don't You see any blind spots in activity of that groups?! ;)
I think the most important thing is a consciousness what you want to gain, relay, and finally you must be satisfied with the work you've done. So, form of Your question is very comparative, because the opinions never will be only positive or negative.
Simply, what we have done till nowadays it's great from Your point of view, but for others it's totally worthless.

In Inseminator you play old school metal, in Mord'A'Stigmata avantgarde death/black and in Solnorth it's black. Where does that variety come from? Which of the genre suits you the best? And what the hell is Wizardry?!
Ncvmtr: Most of all, it's a matter of some kind of music evolution we've been going through. Solnorth was our first group (I mean Kill, Static and me), after it Inseminator did appear and finally - M'A'S. We're very open-minded persons, I think; we don't deny any music genres or controversial innovations. It's much about as in life. When you're older and older, you percept some things in different way; simply - you coagulate. Then it's reflecting in music activity.
Mord'A'Stigmata is our prior band, because it's very flexible and gives us 100% possibility of evolution. Inseminator and Solnorth determine some kind of reserve that we invite once a time ;).
About that style compatibility… That's one, most simple and efficient, music partition - great/bad. Music genre is insignificant, the most important thing is how we manage music to receive convergent effect with our feelings and senses.

Kill: As You've noticed, these bands play quite different. Sometimes we want go straight, fast and simple, although sometimes we need to create more advanced and complex sounds. So we're trying to spread various ideas over all the bands. This is better than recording all the shit under only one banner, because it could lead to releasing inconsistent materials. And the bands preserve separate characters. Wizardry is some kind of ghost-project. We (with Necro) have recorded 30 minutes of rather standard, atmospheric black metal, but no one, except a few friends, heard any song. Some time ago I've created some new compositions, but they are waiting for better times. Maybe Necro will be able to force me in the future to do something with this, so you will have a chance to listen to it ;)

Static supports you during recording sessions, he's also the leader of Mord'A'Stigmata, isn't he? Tell us a few words about this guy? Is it true he records with you, because Kill isn't able to play solos yet? :-)
Ncvmtr: Static or Stanic (he,he) is very peculiar person, you like or detest. I know him for a couple of years, we started playing in Solnorth, after it our paths separated, but finally we met again in Mord'A'Stigmata, the band which co-founder is Static. He recorded some solos on both our demo tapes, because he's average guitarist as our demos ha,ha. Perfect example of symbiosis ;). Cover

I like the way your demo sounds, it's better than on "Into Rotten Coma We Drift" MCD which is too clear and modern as for old school metal. What's your opinion of it? What do other reviewers say? Both the sound and the music on the MCD are more into death metal. Does it mean your new tracks will be more towards metal of death?
Ncvmtr: Most of all, You must know that recording circumstances were different. It's hard to expect that synthetic drums on "Into Rotten Coma We Drift" will sound like "cardboards" from "Deaththrash Coma…". It's hard to expect that "six strings" guitar will sound like "seven strings" etc.
I could tell You that the way we choose (black/death/thrash) will be continued ;).

You recorded Inseminator's demos at Kwart and Klang studios. Tell us something about the places? What kind of equipment can one find there? What other bands did record there?
Ncvmtr: Kwart studio is a professional institution which is prospering for a couple of years. Peter Lekki is an engineer, he is also a great guitarist (once, he was a live bassist of Schismatic) and very sincere person. More information on However Klang studio was founded for personal needs of Kill and me, about the year 2001. Afterwards, Klang transfigured in a mobile studio, but so far only our bands extract profits ;).

Are you going to record your stuff at more professional studio some day?
Kill: I don't think so. Tight but ours Klang Studio gives us a lot of comfort, which we won't find anywhere else. You don't have to pay, you can record stuff anytime you want. And the sound we can get from it is very sufficient for us now. We have just started recording full-length, this will be good test for the studio. But.... who knows, maybe Klang Studio will transform into more professional place in the future. ;)

What's Strigoi Records that released "Deaththrash Coma - Rotten Insemination" together with Metal Rulez? Why did you chose the above mentioned labels, not Agonia or Time Before Time for example? These labels' profile seems more suitable for you. Weren't they interested in or you didn't manage to send them a promo stuff? Rozmiar: 7391 bajtów
Ncvmtr: Well, good question about Strigoi Rec. he,he. I know that is a small label from Walbrzych, only that ;) Kuba decided to cooperate with guy from Strigoi by "Deaththrash Coma…" release. TBT don't cooperate with us, because we're too much "handicapped"; we were not sending our demo to Agonia Rec. In fact, we're satisfied with partnership with MRP and I hope that it will be successfully continued ;).

What about your nearest plans? Final words, please...
Ncvmtr: Recording a full-length stuff that I hope will be finished about Summer. Everything is on a good way!
Great thanx for support from Your side and interesting questions. Beside, respect for Your unextinguished passion and persistence with redacting Burning Abyss 'zine/webzine. Twelve years it's a fuck'n long time! All the best man.

"DeathThrash (Inseminate Or Die)" - Demo 2004
"Dark Flame Of Holy Inquisition" (split w/ NECROLUST) - split CDR 2005 METALRULEZ
"Into Rotten Coma We Drift" - CDR 2006 METALRULEZ
"Deaththrash Coma - Rotten Insemination" - MC 2006 METALRULEZ

Necrovomitor - vocals, bass
Kill - guitar
Mekong - drums

Static - session guitars and solos



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