Interview by Maciek (August 2006)
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I couldn't let MANDATORY name to escape your attention, so immediately after listening to fuckin' great death metal on "CURSE OF THE DEAD" I knew that I have to talk to the guys. I felt it wouldn't be a typical chat and we touched on many interesting things. I examined the leader of the band, Sascha.

Hell-o Sascha! First of all you have to know that I'm ashamed to admit it's the first interview I did during 3 years, although I've been running the webzine what's a pretty easy thing and doesn't require so much time as a paper 'zine does. But let's go to the point, what's your opinion of webzines, Internet in metal in general? Many bands, especially bands like you playing old-school metal, admit openly aversion to that kind of 'zines, mp3's etc. and e.g. refuse to answer Internet questions (it isn't a surprise to me, by the way)...
Of course, we do not have any problem with webzines as long they give us good reviews ha,ha! The only down thing on them is that there are way too many of them to keep the overview. MP3's are cool of course, because there are too many bands out there pretending to play real Old School stuff but only few seem to be really chosen for playing that kind of metal. You will soon find some MP3's on our website as well as on

Are there people who confuse you sometimes with an old, techno-thrash, Dutch band Mandator, due to the moniker, of course? Do you remember their music yet? Rozmiar: 18423 bajtów
No, we are lucky to negate all of your questions, because we hate techno-thrash he,he!

And what other good, both new and old bands would you recommend to the young metalheads?
We are anxious to hear some stuff by Nicke Anderson's new Old School project DEATH BREATH. As for recommendation MANDATORY can name such great bands as NIHILIST, CANCER, early EDGE OF SANITY, REPULSION, RAZOR, EXCITER, COMECON, MASTER or pre-"REVELATIONS"-VADER as well as the ELVIS and ZZ TOP.

Don't you like VADER's "THE ART OF WAR" MCD?! In my opinion it's far better than "THE BEAST" album, for example...
Oh, "THE BEAST" and "THE ART OF WAR" we did not listen to, yet. I (Sascha) always loved VADER 'til "LITANY". A great album. I think it is their best along with "BLACK TO THE BLIND" and "DE PROFUNDIS". "REVELATIONS" was some kind of disappointment for me both in terms of guitar sound as well as songwriting. It sounds like MACHINE HEAD on Death Metal. The guitars have got no dirt on this record. But all in all one of our favourite bands though!
I also saw VADER in Perpignan, France, 4 years ago on the REVELATIONS-tour as I was having my holidays there with my former girlfriend who is Polish, by the way. One day we came along a tour-poster while shopping in Perpignan and we immediately decided to go to the show during our vacation - funny situation ha,ha (yeah, I really had a good laugh ;-) - ed.). The package was VADER, KRISIUN, DECAPITATED and PREJUDICE, the last one being a band of the kind we do not like you understand he,he... Too technical, too little song. But it was great fun there in this small club. I think there were only 50 people or so, but VADER destroyed the club. Peter was some kind of pissed off, because of some drunk idiots who kept running against his microphone stand ha,ha! You have to know that the stage was on the same height as the floor! A REALLY, REALLY small club so - 15x8 meters I guess!… It was a great gig... I love VADER for still feeling the underground spirit. You know, they are really big by now, but still play those fucking miniclubs as if it was their last gig! That's what Death Metal is all about: Never forget your roots.

Why do you play unoriginal old-schooled death metal, instead of discovering something new?
Because we have genitals. Anyway, who tries to re-invent beer? There you got it: Never change a winning team! Furthermore, most of our favourite bands are unoriginal. We never got why people like bands such as CYNIC or new CANNIBAL CORPSE. We think Death Metal has to have this underground-flair, this attitude to be raw and pure. Perhaps in its attitude similar to really early Punk Rock!... You know what we are talking about. It's the attitude towards the music which both genres share.

Rozmiar: 9213 bajtów By the way, have you ever met an opinion that your music e.g. sounds too good as for old-school death metal? :-)
Nothing sounds as good as Old School Death. No, let's be serious - until now we have only get great feedback by the press across the world. But who knows - perhaps they lie! Ha,ha

I heard your "CURSE OF THE UNDEAD" MCD only. So could you tell us as much as possible about your previous releases and brand new MCD, "....WHERE THEY BLEED"? What are the biggest differences between them, in your opinion?
As for "CURSE…" it is probably the more American side of MANDATORY. Before it we played a more Swedish style of Death Metal perhaps to which we stuck again from now on. The brand new MCD was described by a friend of us as some kind of mixture of bands such as early GRAVE and EDGE OF SANITY a few days ago. Indeed, it is not as... let's say… aggressive as "CURSE..." but much deeper, crushing and you will love the rolling beats… Yes, as for the rhythms it could please all those who love old UNLEASHED and NIHILIST material. But there are also fine melodies and solos in their real meaning. You know CEMETARY's first album and E.O.S.'s "THE SPECTRAL SORROWS". If you like them, you will also like "...WHERE THEY BLEED".

I read that you were going to shoot a video clip to "Crypta Crawler" song? How the situation looks like today, what is the clip about and where/when can one see the video?
We are still busy with the organisation of the clip but it will come. We already have some interesting ideas for its story. But, right now, the full length album is more important to us. It is scheduled for early to mid 2007.

But do you have any screenplay, idea what the video will be about?
Ohh… some zombies would be great… yes... We love clips with a story in them. You know, that kind of clips you could see in the 80's. There are not many clips of that kind in the Death Metal genre. Perhaps we should start with this!!! Rozmiar: 18250 bajtów

Why did you release all your records by yourselves? I'm sure some underground labels would be interested in issuing them. You recorded many MCD's that could be released e.g. in vinyl-format as, such fashionable recently, split-LP or split-EP...
Of course, MANDATORY loves vinyl, too. If anyone is really interested in releasing some of our stuff on this format, feel free to contact us anytime. "CURSE OF THE UNDEAD" will probably be released for Australia in late 2006 by ASPHYXIATE RECORDINGS. We are always searching for labels and other companies interested in releasing our stuff. So, if somebody is interested in pressing some vinyl's or CD's with our stuff - just get in contact with us! Thanx in advance!

Well known Belgian graphic artist, Kris Verwimp (a.o. ABSU, MARDUK, ENTHRONED, SETHERIAL) did a cover artwork for "CURSE OF THE UNDEAD"! Why him? Don't you think that Chris Moyen or Klaudiusz's (a.o. ANIMA DAMNATA, THRONEUM) arts would fit MANDATORY better Rozmiar: 9213 bajtów
The real god of Death Metal artwork will always be Dan Seagrave, but he charges several thousand Euros for an artwork. Kris is a great artist as well and his works only cost a fraction of that. We like Chris Moyen's work, too, but it seems to be hard to get in contact with him.

You've just changed your logo. Why? And who did design it?
The old logo was done by a friend of us. He did a good job but we always thought of something more aggressive. In fact, we hate Black Metal logos which are unreadable. But we asked Christophe Szpajdel though and told him not to use any "666" or reversed crosses ha,ha. We like the new logo. And by the way: Why not? The music stays the same.

Your last releases you recorded as a duo! Does the situation suit you? It's hard to Stinne to play the drums and sing in the same time, I suppose...
Since we are the core of MANDATORY, the composing process and the recording situation are nearly prefect for us, because we do not need to compromise on anything. Chris Reifert and Dan Beehler are no strangers. So it is not impossible to manage the situation of playing drums and vomits.

Have you ever played in Poland? What do you know about my country? I mean metal, politics and so on...
We had no gig in Poland so far, yet. What do we know about your country? "Czecz!"... We heard of your new president and that he is not the best one could imagine (you put it very mildly he,he - ed.). As for the good things about Poland: We love your Bison grass vodka but even more your girls. Stinne and me we both had Polish girlfriends one time. And me, I even play a Polish Ran guitar among others. All guitar tracks on "CURSE OF THE UNDEAD" were recorded with this Polish guitar. Our bassist is of Polish origin as well. All in all, we really like our fucking neighbours ha,ha... really!

Rozmiar: 10809 bajtówAnd how are the things in Germany? You've got the pope ;-), the female chancellor, the German team was placed 3rd at the World Football championships (but that exactly thanks to 2 Poles he,he)...
Still we did way better than your team he,he... You could need some reinforcements from us. Besides, we do not care much about politics or religion. We are more interested in Metal, pornos and beer.

What are MANDATORY's future plans and goals?
World domination, the first full length album and the re-releases of our older material!

Final words, please...
Hier liegen meine Gebeine. Ich wuenscht', es waeren deine... (the meaning is "Here lie my bones, I wished they were yours..." - ed.)
Rock on honeys!

"DIVINE DESTRUCTION" - MCD 2002 self-release
"BEYOND THE VEIL" - MCD 2003 self-release / reissue 2005
"CURSE OF THE UNDEAD" - MCD 2005 self-release
"...WHERE THEY BLEED" - MCD 2006 self-release

Sascha - lead guitar
Stinne - vomits/drums
Adrian - bass
Steffen - rhythm guitar

c/o Sascha Beselt
Domweide 7
53881 Euskirchen


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