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ROOT. What's that? Maybe SEPULTURA side project? No! Maybe some techno star? Not again! ROOT - are gods of Czech underground scene, creators of such masterpieces as "THE BOOK", "THE TEMPLE IN THE UNDERWORLD" or "KÄRGERÄS", guys who have inspired the most famous bands, wizards of dark Music, just - geniuses...

I've heard following ROOT's releases: "HELL SYMPHONY", "THE TEMPLE IN THE UNDERWORLD", "KÄRGERÄS" and "THE BOOK". What releases I have missed? What kind of music do they contain?

You missed only the first album "ZJEVENI", in English language called "The Revelation". It's only album sung in Czech language and it contains catchy Black Metal of old school. The most similar musically stuff to this first opus is "HELL SYMPHONY". Soon should be out remastered double-CD "ZJEVENÍ + THE TEMPLE" containing three never before released bonus tracks. Those who has this double-CD has absolutely complete ROOT! Okay?
Record to record you change your music; you've been making it more various but it also have been getting away from raw dark thrash metal you played on "HELL SYMPHONY". Did you feel limited by metal music frames, you wanted to self-release or your tastes were getting softer?
Firstly, the music of ROOT created mostly Blackie, the guitarist. He made music as far he read my complete lyrics. That's main reason the music of ROOT is still growing up and developing. We were never limited by any metal frames. We are ROOT and we play original music of ROOT!!! Every our CD goes from another story, from another message, from another world, you know. But basis is the same, and this is handed down mystic message to other people from Beyond, from Old Ones, from my Dark Friends... From these reasons is every CD of ROOT diverse. Absolutely diverse. So like every message is other. And music must support this story or message. I can't influence their message. It's all. It is very simple, or not? big03.jpg
You were the band under the wings of CACOPHONOUS REC.! It's pretty big and respected label but there were some bands discontented with their activity, e.g. CHRIST AGONY. I suppose, I could also add ROOT to the list, 'cause e.g. your last album was out on native REDBLACK REC.?! What do you reproach the English with?

They bitch up cover of our CD, they haven't contacted us even once etc…We don't reproach anything. CACOPHONOUS released our second album "HELL SYMPHONY" only. That's all what I can say about that label. It was re-released thanx to our old manager who managed all important things around the releasing and copyrights. CACOPHONOUS didn't make any bigger promotion for it and there wasn't ever any co-operation with them.
You're great band but not too popular. Do you want to be the band for the chosen ones or the situation was caused by not enough promotion?

I think that it was caused not enough promotion, but this is thing of label, ain't I true? I unwillingly talk about it, because it is afield. I'd say that we are simply the band from Eastern Europe and that's one of the main reasons why we're not so popular world-wide as you think. But I have to say also we're not any lickers the assholes of label owners and always we ask what we deserve! ROOT is one of the greatest Czech Metal bands and the status in Czechoslovakia can be called like a cult. ROOT is known also in other countries as in Germany, Norway, Brazil etc… But why to think about these questions as to be more or less popular?!
Are you in permanent contact with somebody from Poland? Do you associate some names? I guess no, 'cause I've never seen any interview with you or even short info!

No, I'm not in contact with men from Poland but not long ago I did interview for some Polish 'zine. I don't remember like. His questions was very, very confused, so I passed it to our bassist Igor. He has firmer nerves than me. After the releasing "THE BOOK" album we made some interviews also for foreign countries and one of these interviews is this one. I hope we'll be more known also in Poland and all maniax interested in ROOT can listen up to our albums then. We hadn't anywhere any label that would send promo CD's also to foreign countries. It's sad but our previous labels thought about by this way: "ROOT is able to make big money only with the selling albums in Czech Republic so why to give some money for the bigger promotion to other countries?!".
If somebody from Poland mentions your band he usually says you are Polish KAT. Do you know KAT? Do you realise it's a big complement that lets to name you a cult, legendary band?!

Maybe we're used to be called with this word - the cult, ha,ha! Sorry, but I don't know KAT. But I thank for this complement. You must know one thing. I don't listen to any metal bands. Only KING DIAMOND and SLAYER, because if I want do authentic music, so I must not to be nobody's effected. Secondly, I haven't interest about nowadays world metal bands, 'cause everyone plays in the same way and it is tedium!!! It's my opinion.
It's hard to classify your music, but without a doubt it's very dark! The lyrics are similar to the music, I guess? What kind of philosophy are you into? Did you always have something important to say or at last a fact you have a big amount of fans made you think about topics you touch in you lyrics?

I'm convinced that fans understand me. But this isn't important, because everyone can find for himself other important thing. My lyrics are not lyrics, but message for people from my Friends who are living on other worlds, you know. Your question is in fact the answer! As I've said, we make the music along the lyrics. Everybody who is reading our lyrics has to think about it. But for example our fourth album "KÄRGERÄS" is concept CD with the short preface, so the lyrics are more easy for the understanding. Who will understand our lyrics after its reading, so he knows what I wanted to say…
There's one more thing in your music - wisdom (your last album is entitled "THE BOOK", in your lyrics you're talking about wise-men, wisdom, fools etc.). What's your life philosophy? What's your living credo?

My philosophy is Satanism and my credo is "do what you want, that is the Law"!!!! The credo is my ego! About words from the lyrics, as I've said, you have to think about it!
There's a special guest on "THE BOOK" - Prof. M. Walter who you called father. Is he really your father? It's a little bit untypical situation where someone of the parents plays on his/her child's album he,he, don't you think so? They must be proud of you and very tolerant, mustn't they?

Yes, Prof. Milan Valter is really my father. He's over 70 years old and he was the teacher on Music Academy in Brno. He is phenomenon pianist. I think you can hear it during the listening to the outro of "THE BOOK". Well, he is proud of me. He knows very good music of ROOT and he remade some songs of ROOT for piano. It's quite unusual, but it's only another very original step of ROOT´s history. As far we'll be tired with the gigs and recording the albums, so we'll ask our parents to record some albums of ROOT instead of us, ha,ha!!! And my mother is on the beyond....
Blackie - guitarist of ROOT plays also in black metal ENTRAILS. Do you like their debut "SERPENT SEED"? What kind of music does Big Boss usually listen to? I bet classics! Was Blackie creatively limited in ROOT? Do you like black metal, by the way? What's important as for this kind of music?

Yeah, I like their debut CD "SERPENT SEED" - it's melodious and fast album well played out, it is good work, because Blackie is phenomenon guitarist and I'm very proud that he plays with me. I'm listening to music like BEETHOVEN and WAGNER. I don't know what is Black Metal. Do you know? I know only two kinds of music - good music and bad music. These are only two important things for me. I don't listen to so much CD's. I like KING DIAMOND´s music. I met KING DIAMOND personally at Night Full Of Stars Festival last year and it was really good surprising for me. He's great personality. Blackie isn't limited by me in the creating the music for ROOT. I like Black Metal, 'cause I can say we play it.
I don't remember who but he was famous musician and confessed you have been an inspiration for him! Do you know bands being under ROOT's influences?

Maybe Fernando from MOONSPELL, or Mark Vincent from IMPETIGO, I don't know....but I know that those two talked about us, because they are good friends of us :) . I know also about ANATHEMA. I talked many times with Fernando of MOONSPELL and he's real ROOT fanatic. Thomas of REDBLACK PRODUCTIONS gave him our "THE BOOK" in Prague and Fernando gave him MOONSPELL´s new one for me signed and with dedication. We're in touch also via e-mail. MOONSPELL said also in some interviews for magazines ROOT influenced them. It's cool information for us.
Are you supported by Czech underground scene or most of the maniax found you proud, alien, not wanting to co-operate or something like that?

Yes, of course I'm very very very proud, cause I'm genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody supports us and many people hate us, you know!
In Hungarian "ATHEIST newsletter #1" Barbarud of MANIAC BUTCHER/PUSSY GOD REC. called you homosexuals! What's the reason of the antipathy between you and him?

I don't know any Barbarud, I don't know MANIAC BUTCHER. But if they say, that I'm homosexual so it is their problem, not mine. Perhaps it is their wishful thinking. Perhaps when they masturbate so they fantasise me and I'm unattainable idol for them... really I don't know.
Are persons as e.g. Raon, Xerida, Corabeu you're singing about in "Corabeu" invited for your own need or they are persons who I can read about in some occult or historical books? Who really are they?

Raon, Xerida and Lykorian are persons from my other life. Nobody knows them, only me. They are my brother and sisters. Big Boss
I think its all for now. Big thanx for the interview. Have something to add?

Thank you Maciej for support, and greetings to all ROOT fans in Poland. Stay proud! If there are more cyber maniax, get in touch, cause I'm daily on Internet and we can do more interviews, you can also visit our web pages on this address: Get our album and visit our gigs!


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