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Listen to WASTELAND and then you will understand the meaning of such words as speed and thrash metal. The fire as hell! There is on the top brutal, blasphemous death metal as ANGELCORPSE, KRISIUN, REBAELLIUN nowadays… but Germany has unleashed their own band being much more into old school thrash metal, the band that isn't so well skilled, but is also sincere with its sounds and puts a lot of heart into its music. Excellent! Frank (not Blackfire but) Neugebauer answered my questions perfectly. Here you are.

Not many bands play nowadays such an ass kicking speed/thrash metal as you do! Do you have any favourites playing that kind of metal?

Thanks a lot for the flowers. That's true, there aren't too much bands at the moment, who play that style. And that's why the most of my faves are coming from former times: PROTECTOR, KREATOR, INVOCATOR, CORONER, SODOM, SLAYER, SEPULTURA, ASSASSIN, DEMOLITION HAMMER, PESTILENCE...
It has passed a lot of time since the recording of "GENUINE PARTS". It's time to record something new! When can we expect a new album? What will it contain? Will you release it once again by yourselves? Fact you don't record too often is a result of your laziness or a will of preparing as best songs as possible?

You are right. Much time has passed since the release of "GENUINE PARTS". One reason for that is the fact, that we only meet at the weekends for rehearsing. As some of the band members do study in far away towns it's not possible to practice on other times. Furthermore we recorded several cover versions for tribute sampler the last months, so there was not much time to write new material in the past. Nevertheless we did collect new material and of course it will be released as soon as possible. I hope we can manage it until the end of the year. It will contain brutal thrash metal, as you can guess. And we are not planning to make big changes in our style but it goes without saying that we are trying to develop and improve the kind of music we play. If no label is interested in releasing our new stuff, we will release it once again by ourselves. We don't do the whole thing to become rich and famous. We do it because it's a lot of fun. And it's also a little bit idealism. In the meantime we heard that there are some guys out there who believe in us. It's for them as well. It's just a pity that we can reach just a few of the metalheads which could be interested in our music on this way.
Were there any line-up changes since the recording of "GENUINE PARTS"? How is an atmosphere within the band?

Some weeks after we have finished the recording Kramer rejoined the band. That was more than two years ago. But Kramer wasn't really unknown, because he played guitar in the band since the beginning but had to quit after some month caused by less time. The atmosphere within the band is good. We know each other for decades and we are something like old mates. Kramer, Faxe and André made their high school examination in the same class in '93, I did it two years before in the same school, André and Stephan played in a punk band at the end of the eighties, and they both and me are living in the same village for more than 20 years. We often stick together for drinking, parties or whatever. We don't have problems with each other. Except that we are a little bit slow. Sometimes, ha,ha.
Looking at your photos it's hard to imagine you're playing such a hard music? Do you often meet with sentences like this: 'Oh fuck! I thought these guys suck but they fuckin' rule!'? Doesn't it piss you off people often judge you by your appearance?

Hmm, interesting question! Why do you think that it is hard to imagine we are playing hard music? Only because two of us wear short hair? This opinion is a little bit superficial, I think. I don't like people who judge others by their appearance. When somebody thinks we suck just by looking at us this guy can kiss my butt! Fact is that we like the metal music of the eighties, but don't look like metalheads of the eighties. But on the other hand nobody ever said something about our appearance. There was a time our shouter had very short hair - he just came back from the army (now he has long hair again) - and we played the first gigs with André (he has still short hair) on drums, we could see that some people in the audience thought something about our look or thought we came from planet Z. or whatever. After we started playing nobody did it anymore.


If image isn't important, why metalheads set store by it?
I think this image thing is more a relict of the eighties. In the eighties it was possible to perceive a metalhead on the street: basketball, sport shoes, black t-shirt with a coloured print, jeans and rivets. There was just speed, thrash, heavy and death metal at the end of the eighties and that was it. A metal freak was something like an outsider of the society at the beginning of the eighties and there was a very good community between them this times. United Forces. I think that these "old" metalfreaks are very proud of their status and still want to show it. And in former times it was a mentality. Today it's "normal" to listen to metal or to hard rock and it's not easy to make out a metal fan on the street. I don't know exactly what kind of image we have. We always try to write interesting brutal songs and to satisfy the audience by doing a good show on stage. That's why we have a good conscience and don't care about what people think about our image.
Thrash metal with one guitar is a bad idea, don't you think so?

Well, I don't wanna say that thrash metal needs two guitars compulsorily - look at SODOM or PROTECTOR - but our personal experience showed that you are right. We have had a second guitar since the end of '97 and I must say it is appropriate to use two guitars! Especially the rhythm parts are much fatter, there aren't holes during solos, and it's possible to do a lot more composing.
I saw in Poland only one interview with you - it was in one of the last issues of "ELIGOR 'zine". Has Sivy sent you a copy? Are you satisfied with the final effect? Why do you do such a poor promotion in Poland? I don't even know if somebody could buy your CD at any Polish distribution!…

Yes, Sivy sent a copy (Hi Sivy!). If I am satisfied with the final effect? What effect, ha,ha? You know, I put up with the fact that nobody shows a reaction after an interview. In the beginning of WASTELAND I answered the interviews in a very serious way - not one reaction. And this seriousness doesn't show the bands real mind, so I started to answer the questions in a merry way, sometimes it was very silly - but always with the necessary seriousness. And what happened - we got some reactions! Mostly it was just the "…I haven't already read such an amusing interview for a long time..." but it's better than nothing, isn't it? Meanwhile we are known in Germany as five merry guys which play serious brutal thrash. I would like to do a better promotion in Poland but there is very big problem: I don't have enough spare time to do all what I have in mind. We don't have a label, I do the whole promotion by myself and I know that I neglected Poland the last years. Shame on me, because I know that Poland is very important for underground bands. We had some reviews in Poland but I look always for new and serious addresses. If there is a distribution which is interested into some cool thrash metal - feel free to get in contact. Trades are welcome, but write first.
I often don't know whether ask about music or talk about different things. What kind of interviews do you prefer? What should a good interview consist of? What about a good 'zine?

Sometimes I do interviews with other bands for an underground - online - newsletter of a mate and I had the same problem. Personally I was fed up with this standard questions like: When do you start with the band? What is the actual line up? What do you want to do in the future? How would you describe your style? etc., etc., because I had to answer them by myself. And after the 3rd interview it's not a pleasure anymore. And I can't imagine that somebody wants to know that for sure. Ok, sometimes it is necessary or possible to ask this, especially if this band is very new or totally unknown, but there is always a possibility to paraphrase this standards, isn't it? I prefer to do interviews with questions about different things as well, not just about the music or the scene. Because the most musicians aren't musicians only. A lot of them are very interesting personalities and there is a lot more to ask them about. To find good interview - questions you need time. You have to listen to the music some more times, read the lyrics, read some old interviews if possible, know something about this and that and whatever. Another basis for a good interview is the way you construct your questions. What will happen when you ask a boring question like : What is the current line up? You will get a very short and perhaps boring answer. So you have to wrap it by using some other questions from the same "department" - line up changes, reasons for them etc. - to a more interesting parcel. Then you'll get longer and more interesting answers. I prefer interviews like this one here. It's not about the band only - also about different things. And it's not possible to answer the questions with just one sentence. Good 'zines? They editors should know a lot about the stuff they want write about. They should be able to write objective reviews about music they don't like and they should write bad reviews with reasonable comments when it's necessary. And they should have some humour as well. The look or the outfit of the 'zine isn't really important in my eyes.
As for good speed thrashers you like SLAYER for sure, don't you? Don't you think maniax criticise their last album too much? Yes, there are hard core influences, but the Americans still kick ass. And e.g. METALLICA is a pop band comparing to them!…

Of course, we all like SLAYER very much. They are the kings of the US thrash in my opinion. Though I like them as much I must point out that their best times take place in the eighties. I listen to their new stuff, too, and it's better than 90% of the other new music, but I miss this special spirit they had in the beginning. My absolute favourite album is "REIGN IN BLOOD", one of the best metal albums ever made. It's always the same problem with the old heroes: On the one side they collect criticism when they change their style or do something new, on the other side they are criticised when they don't show any progress and changes and do always the same. I think you can't blame a musician or a band for testing something new. Standstill is a step back. Except of MOTÖRHEAD or AC/DC. When the fan don't like any changes, then he should listen to his old LP's only and be happy.
What are the wrong sides of playing metal? It's a serious question!

There isn't a wrong side. If you want to get rich and famous then you are wrong. But that's all I think. I can tell a lot about the good sides, but you will already know them...
Would you like to have a heavy metal family? You know, wife listening to JUDAS PRIEST, a kid falling asleep while listening to MORBID ANGEL…

Nice idea - I put some extreme stuff into the stereo and nobody will complain. But you had to know that I don't listen to metal the whole day. You can call me a wimp now, ha,ha, but I'm open minded and a great lover of music. I love that 60/70' Rock/Bluesrock/Hardrock - stuff, some Blues and Jazz from the decades before and that Thrash, Death and Doom Metal from the 80's and 90's. Expand it to a rock and metal family! Sklad
Germany are famous for its beer. What kind of beer would you recommend to Polish metal maniax?

A lot of the German beer is recommendable, ha,ha. If you want to have a cheap beer, a good one for Open Air Concerts, then try "Karlsquell". It is only available at Aldi supermarkets and in 0.33l cans. It is medium dry and medium bitter and it is still drinkable when it is not very cold anymore. WASTELAND's favourite beer is a very typical beer from northern Germany. It is called "Feldschlößchen" and it is quite dry and bitter. A beer that is tasty after the 20th bottle as well, ha,ha. If you want to have some premium quality stuff, than drink the world famous "Beck's Bier". It is also quite dry and bitter, and also great as a draft beer. In the summer, when it's hot, than try "Weizenbier". "Franziskaner", "Erdinger" or whatever, equal what type, it's always a pleasure, ha,ha. I could continue this for hours - we have really a shitload of great stuff, nearly all brands are drinkable - but never try "Adelskrone". It's really awful. And I personally hate "Warsteiner".

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