December 21st, 2016:

  • 3 weeks ago, thanks to Witching Hour Productions, the re-edition of Nomad’s first two recordings, i.e. Disorder (1996) and The Tail of Substance (1997), appeared.
    The materials have never before been released in CD format. They were re-mastered at Studio Hertz itself, and Micha³ "Xaay" Loranc made the artwork.
    This double CD digipak contains raw, brutal and furious death metal, samples of which you can find here:,
    If you are interested in co-operation or purchasing it, get in touch with the label ( or the band (

    The next reissue, as well as new album, are scheduled for next year.

  • December 13th, 2014:

  • I've just posted a dozen or so reviews (split Black Altar/Varathron/Thornspawn, Diabolikal Holokaust, Doomed, Vae Victis, Do or Die Records Sampler, Bastardator, Warmarch, Catacomb, Deathroner, Deep Vein/Hypokras, Inquisitor, Skon, War Command, Túrin Turambar, V/A - Tu Futuro…, Complete Mess, Excidium, V/A - The Last Ride of Dead Kings, Korium) on the website, which, due to lack of space and being outdated, won't appear in the upcoming issue of Burning Abyss 'zine. Enjoy. :-).

  • October 30th, 2014:

  • Nomad have a new drummer, Groszek (Means of Control, PeaceMaker, Egoizm), and Hydrant (bass) has recently left the band. But it didn't stop the group from working on new material. Also expect new merchandise soon. Follow the band pages here: and

  • "The Sinister Flame IV - Hammer of Black Illumination" - out in November 2014!!!

  • TSF IV

    August 3rd, 2013:

  • I would like to remind you that an interview with Belzebong was posted a couple of months ago. Enjoy: click here

    February 28th, 2014:

  • Nomad has just started working on new songs. As usual, you can expect something extraordinary and original yet retaining the band essence.

  • Recently, there has been issued another volume of England's Devilment 'zine with a Nomad feature inside. In order to get issue #6, write to the following address:

  • Embrional is looking for a bass player. Only serious offers. Contact: or

    August 3rd, 2013:

  • I would like to remind you that an interview with Belzebong was posted a couple of months ago. Enjoy: click here

    January 11th, 2012:

  • The debut album of HERETIQUE, Ore Veritatis, out now! Blackened death/thrash metal for fans of HYPOCRISY, SATYRICON and old KAT.
    There is a limited version with pins (just 100 copies) available!
    Order it here:,

    December 24th, 2011:

  • The new issue of Burning Abyss 'zine is finally available! On the menu you’ll find: Thomas Skogsberg of Sunlight Studios vs. Dan Swanö of Unisound Studio/ex-Edge Of Sanity/ex-Bloodbath etc. (Sweden), Inferno of Behemoth/Azarath/Witchmaster/Deus Mortem/Christ Agony (Poland), Mortem (Peru), a massive 6-page interview with Nominon (Sweden), Weapon (Canada), Reyash of Supreme Lord/Witchmaster/Christ Agony/ex-Vader/ex-Incantation/ex-Union (Poland), Necromaniac fanzine (Germany), Runemagick (Sweden), Blasphemy Rites (Poland), Agnes Vein (Greece) plus Canada’s VoiVod 4-page special, 300+ reviews (!!!) of CDs, demos, vinyls, ‘zines, and Classic Death Metal albums as well as a few live reports, TOP 5 playlists, and Excerpts From The Abyss.
    All this on 72 A4 professionally printed pages, written entirely in English. More details here.

    November 19th, 2011:

  • Brand new HAZAEL T-shirts and long-sleeves are available in a very limited quanitity!
    Make your order now to:; check also Allegro out: oraz

    November 12th, 2011:

  • Finally I've updated the reviews section.

    March 16th, 2011:

  • You can buy a brand new CD or LP of NOMAD here: distro or

    March 1st, 2011:

  • Nomad 2011 - 1
    NOMAD have inked a record deal with Poland's WITCHING HOUR PRODUCTIONS. Their new album "TRANSMIGRATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS" is due to release on March 18th, 2011 as both digipak CD and limited blue 12" LP. The artwork was designed by Michal "Xaay" Loranc (a.o. Nile, Behemoth, Trauma).

    1. Intro - Are You Ready...
    2. The Demon's Breath
    3. Intro
    4. Dazzling Black
    5. Intro
    6. Identity With Personification
    7. Intro
    8. Pearl Evil
    9. Intro
    10. Abyss Of Meditation
    11. Intro
    12. Flames Of Tomorrow
    13. Intro
    14. Raised Irony
    15. Intro
    16. Four Percent Of Hate
    17. Outro

    You can listen to a new song "Identity With Personification" here:

    The band is going on the UNHOLY CARNIVAL TOUR over Poland together with AZARATH and VESANIA!
    13.04.2011 GRAFITTI - LUBLIN Al. Pilsudskiego 13
    14.04.2011 POD PALMA - RZESZOW ul. Cicha 4a
    15.04.2011 FABRYKA - KRAKÓW ul. Zablocie 23
    16.04.2011 ARKADA - KATOWICE ul. Bogucicka 14a
    17.04.2011 PROGRESJA - WARSZAWA ul. Kaliskiego 15a
    DOOR OPEN: 18:00
    SHOW TIME: 19:00
    More info soon.

    March 14th, 2010:

  • NOMAD is very proud to announce that they've been selected as a supporting act for the Warsaw's date of the mighty BOLT THROWER's tour (May 11th, 2010, Tuesday, venue: Progresja club)! NOMAD will play alongside ROTTING CHRIST, LOST SOUL and NAUMACHIA. You're more than welcome to attend the show.

  • France's death/black metal SVART CROWN entered a studio to record the follow-up to the "Ages Of Decay" debut CD. It will be recorded at Studio des Variétés (Enhancer, Etienne Daho, Laure Sinclair...) and BST Studio (Antaeus, Aosoth, Hell Militia...). Francis Caste (Kickback, Arkhon Infaustus, Phazm) will take care of the mix and mastering duties.. SVART CROWN features members of bands such as: Antaeus, Glorior Belli and Diablic. Expect the studio report soon at:

  • OLD TEMPLE presents:
    - "Reign In Frost" - new SZRON CD. Above 50 minutes of music. CD contains tracks from "Frost Eternal" and splits with Kriegsmaschine and Total Genocide plus 2 bonus tracks. The material was remastered. Limited edition. Publisher: Under The Sign of Garazel Prod. Official distributor: Old Temple.
    - ABUSIVENESS "TRIODITIS". After a few years of silence, one of the most distinguished black metal hordes from Poland returns. New album brings even darker and ruthless face of band. Furious, amazing and incredibly varied vocals. Fierce guitars spitting out destroying riffs. Massive and fast drums. Hard line of the music is mixed with great melodies. Fanatic, pagan, antichristian lyrics sung in Polish and one in Ukrainian. Impressive, dark graphics by Sonneillon from B.o.P. Lyrics in Polish and English are to be found in a 16-page booklet. "Trioditis" is pure heathen hate aimed at the enemy. Third Abusiveness album is faster, more blasphemous and murderous. The album released in a standard jewel case. All copies hand-numbered. The CD comes with special graphic pressing. Also available new official T-shirts and girlie. Old Temple, Po Box 48, 86-307 Grudziadz 9, Poland, website:, e-mail:

  • Negurã Bunget "Vîrstele pãmîntului" - out soon. The album will be released by Code666 Records in a special limited edition - handmade woodbox, roped and filled with the very earth of the place it comes from. Release date is: worldwide - March 31, Germany and Italy - April 2.
    Negurã Bunget, P.O. Box 8-1136, 300334, Timisoara, Timis, Tomania.,,,

  • MooN have started to record a new CD - "Lucifer's Horns"! The release date is scheduled for August 2010. Publisher - Witching Hour Production - announced a digipak version as well as special offer incl. digipak + T-shirt + special limited LP! At the end of March 2010, Witching Hour will re-release MooN previous albums as a double digipak entitled "Devil's Return" with a new layout. More details soon. MooN actual line-up: Cezar - guitar, vocals, Gonthy - guitar, M¶cis³aw - bass, vocal, Vizun - drums. Contact:,,,

  • Redrum666 Records announced a release of Poland's legendary Doom/Death monsters - DDT! 1991's "Dethroned Death" demo, 1992's "Fineness Of Brutality" demo as well as one track from the "Dying Gods" promo will be available on CD format for the very first time. Info & samples:,

  • Finally the first fuckin' strike of Chilean AXE BATTLER (, "The Wrath Of My Steel", is unleashed. The tape comes completely pro-done (professional cover, red printed tape, red case). Ask for trade and wholesales prices. PANZERKOMMANDO RECORDS:, ordering form/distro:

  • LEGION OF DEATH Rec. / ARMEE DE LA MORT Records news:
    - CARNYX "Leaving Reason" (Pictavia) CD: Raw, primitive and gloomy Black Metal. 11 tracks, like one hour in obscurity, a trip through fear and nightmares, the grotesque and the absurd, until you lose your mind. Musically, the influences are vast, like BLUT AUS NORD, ABIGAIL, SIGH, ISVIND... After 2 demos and a split CD, this album is a real achievement. Personal project from Fëarann (VALUATIR, MANZER). ADLM-CD-02.
    - ANKRISMAH "Dive in the Abyss" (France) CD: ANKRISMAH's Black Metal is evil, hypnotic and putrid. It gives back to the genre its dangerous and horrible side that some consider as vanished. "Dive in the Abyss" will make you dive for real in the deepest abyssal darkness. ANKRISMAH takes its inspiration from ABRUPTUM, BEHERIT, PROFANATICA, HAVOHEJ, MÜTIILATION, DEMONCY, MAYHEM, SUMMUM MALUM, DARKTHRONE... but with an own style emerged from chasms. 9 tracks for 46 inhuman minutes. First album from this band born in 2002 in Provence. ADLM-CD-03.
    You can listen to 2 songs by each band on the LEGION OF DEATH website.
    - EXORDIUM MORS "Verus Hostis - A Hymn to Fire" (New Zealand) 7" EP out now! An incredibly great release of intense and violent Black/Death Metal reminding IMPIETY, SURRENDER OF DIVINITY and some Australian hordes. Two long exlusive songs. Concept on Hellenistic / Roman themes. First band from Oceania on LEGION OF DEATH Records! Important information: unlike all other LEGION OF DEATH releases, this record must be played at 45 rpm. LOD038.
    - ORATOR "Dominion of Avyaktam" (Bangladesh) 7" EP out now! ORATOR was formed after tearing apart the demiurgic womb of BARZAK. ORATOR is inspired by their Kapalik/Aghoric ancestors to perform tantric rituals through their intense and violent Death/Thrash Metal. A conceptual record about ancient left handed tantrism (Vama Marg) and Qliphoth. The band consists of Skullbearer (ex-WEAPON) with Vritra Ahi and Nahid. LOD037.
    - MANZER's "Pictavian Bastards" demo is out now. It contains Pictavian Black Metal influenced by VENOM, ABIGAIL, SABBAT, KILLERS, ATOMIZER, IMPALED NAZARENE, JAN DO FIAO, BATHORY, NME, BULLDOZER… 4 own songs and 1 cover song (VENOM "Acid Queen"). MANZER are: Xavier (QUINTESSENCE), Fëarann (CARNYX, VALUATIR) and Shaxul (ANNTHENNATH, ARPHAXAT). Cover art by Sickness 666. Printed on "metallic"/silver paper, and it folds out as a mini poster. Pro tape and cover. Limited to 300 copies. To get it or distribute it, please contact INCOFFIN Productions:, You can also get it from LEGION OF DEATH Records. MANZER website (one song available):
    LEGION OF DEATH Records / ARMEE DE LA MORT Records, WebSite + WebShop :, E-mail :, MSN :, Snail Mail : LOD Records / BP 21 / 86210 Bonneuil-Matours / France.

  • NOCTURNAL GRAVES/HELLSPIRIT "THE GRAVESPIRIT SESSIONS" split LP on both black and blue vinyl (limited to 200 copies) are available, so take your pick. $25AUD each plus postage.,

  • "SEASON IN SILENCE", the new SADIST's full-length album, will be out in March 2010 and it will be licensed by Liveglobal/Self. The album has been produced, engineered and mixed by Tommy Talamanca for Nadir Music. Sadist is going to present it live during the Italian Gods of Metal Festival in Milan (Italy) on March 21st. This event will be the first of many European festivals Sadist is going to take part during Spring/Summer 2010.,

  • Italy's Kolony Records are going to release a second full-length of modern thrashers from CHAIN REACTION. The "Cutthroat Melodies" CD should be available in May 2010.,

  • Finally out on Terror From Hell Rex - NECRODEATH "The Shining Pentagram" 10" MLP! For the first time after 25 years, one of the most acclaimed demo of the 80's is available on vinyl. An important release of pure Italian Black Thrash Metal onslaught. Also available Necrodeath T-shirts. For orders and info about the mailorder list write to:

  • RESUSCITATION "THERE WILL BE DARKNESS" - a tape version of debut album out now on DOOM zine! For news & info check out: Also visit: and listen to "In Honour of Thy Bloodshed".

  • ASPHYX embroidered logo leather back patch! Ask for details and other available merchandise to: Down With The Most High Prod., Apartado 254 Coslada, 28820 Madrid, Spain,

  • DEAD CENTER Prod. and ANTICHRIST mag staff have started a new company (factory) - ROCK MERCHANT! They're manufacturing: leather pants, leather vest, leather wristlets, leather belts, key chains, leather guitar straps, guitar bags, leather caps, corsets and many more. If you have any questions, write to:, http://RM.DEADSHOP.INFO

    - The band presents new line-up: Quazarre - vocals/guitar/synth, Armers - guitar, Vraath - bass, Icanraz - drums
    - Some time ago Quazarre has already started working on a pre-production of the new Devilish Impressions' album. As soon as the new stuff is ready the band will be searching for a new label-home
    - Not far ago Quazarre along with I.A.Serpentor have formed a new project called VITROFYRR - an effort to combine black metal, ambient, industrial and some fucked up hellektro! They are currently working on a first full-length release to be available later this year. Make sure to visit and wait for the premiere track to be revealed soon.
    - Quazarre is also a part of another Polish industrial/black/death metal act called CRIONICS. For the latest news regarding the band's activities as well as for the upcoming mini-album teaser "N.O.I.R" check out the band's page at,

    - GUTTURAL GORE GRIND MAFIA festival #2. You can find complete info, news and current tracks of bands plus details info and directions to Ostrava and the directions to the club and more on our official MYSPACE page! Band schedule: club will be open at 15:00! 16:15 - 16:45 PRASELIZER16:45 - 17:30 CARNAL DIAFRAGMA17:30 - 18:15 G.O.R.E.18:15 - 19:00 MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM19:00 - 20:00 NUCLEAR VOMIT20:00 - 21:00 INGROWING21:00 - 22:10 DISFIGURED CORPSE + tombola22:10 - 23:30 GUT23:30 - 00:30 BLOODBASTARD,
    - grind/death commando DISFIGURED CORPSE is ready to spread their new album "Human Corrosion" to the entire world. Album was released on 23rd of January. Expect an energetic mixture of grind core, death metal, thrash and hardcore

    - A pro-done tape of Swedish REPUKED entitled "Repukalypse Now!" is already available. The tape contains old school death metal in the vein of Entombed, Nihilist, Carnage, Nirvana 2002 and groups such as Autopsy, Abscess, Pungent Stench. Limited to 200 pieces only!
    - A next group on PSYCHO RECORDS is INTESTINAL from Sweden. They play death metal destined to fans of Entombed (Old), Grotesque, Liers In Wait, Grave or Tormented! The "HUMAN HARVEST" CD contains 10 bestial, uncompromising tracks. - UNDERDARK "IN THE NAME OF CHAOS" CD out now! Sophisticated death metal addressed to HYPOCRISY and VADER fans. Featuring members of CRYPTIC TALES and EMBRIONAL!
    - "TRIBAL CONVICTIONS zine #3" has been unleashed. Inties: BOREA, HAZAEL, HYPERIAL, UNDERDARK, HELL UNITED, ETHELYN, Tom of REDRUM666/FALLEN ANGEL Rec + CD/zine reviews and 2 live reports. Xeroxed, 36 pages, A4, Polish written.
    - Still available: CHAOS SYNOPSIS "Kvlt Ov Dementia", BOREA "Whose Fault", WARFIST/EXHALATION/MESMERIZED "SATANIC & VIOLENT METAL AGGRESSION", THE DAMNATION "Evilution", REPOSSESSION "Reign Over Inferno", HAZAEL "Chapel of Doom/Rehearsal '91", CRYPTIC TALES "Valley of The Dolls", THE THORN "Hermitage of Non-Divine".
    Psycho Records, Robert £êgowik, P.O. Box 61, 09-400 P³ock 1, Poland,,

  • "DEATHICISM zine" issue #2 was released in January 2010! Interviews with: CALM HATCHERY, EMPATIC, SNAKE EYES, NAMMOTH, CARNAL, WE ARE HELLBRIGADE, CURSED CARNIVAL, ANTHEM, REALITY IN PAIN, INGLORIOUS, THEMPEST, SONNEILLON, DUAL-COMA, Olsztyn Old Underground and Let Them Come Productions! Biographies of WISHMASTER, INFLUENCE, QUEEN OF SORROW, DAEMONICA, VAIN CREATION, WITCHRITE, SETH, TERROR TACTICS, AZVALTH, M.O.S.S.A.D., TURNING POINT, DEVIL'S STONE and BARE BONES! Plus over 40 reviews and 7 gig reports! 80 A5 pages (Polish written) with oldschool vibe to it!. Contact:

  • DECEPTION's new album is called "Inferno" and is destined for the release in May 2010. Check the newest hymn "Manifest" at:

  • HOUR OF PENANCE - "Paradogma" out March 30th 2010! The long awaited fourth record from the Italian death machine! HOUR OF PENANCE are poised to strike & devastate the ears of the loyal disciples of death metal once more with a merciless master class in brutality entitled 'Paradogma' brought into inception at the legendary 16th Cellar Studios and mastered at the Hertz Studios in Poland. Unleashing a likely tour de force in maniacal death metal brutality, a celebration of music in it's darkest and most inhuman form, HOUR OF PENACE have ascended to an even greater height of precision savagery. 'Paradogma' will be out worldwide March 30th on Unique Leader Records and in Australia via Stomp. Artwork by Gyula Havancsak. New track 'Paradogma' online now! Link:,

  • THRONEUM news:
    - the band finished recordings for two 7" split EP's, i.e.: Throneum / Morbid Execution (on Hells Headbangers) & Throneum / Leichengott (on Iron Bonehead)
    - the band's going to play live after a 5-year hiatus. You can watch them on 27.03.10 at Warsaw's "Progresja" alongside ASPHYX! Armagog of Embrional is going to handle bass duties.
    - brand new picture LP "Ceremonial Abhorrence & Darkness" (Necromancer Rec) is available! It features material taken from two split CD's: "Gods Of Abhorrence" and "Brotherhood In Darkness"
    - watch for "Necroblasphemies" 7" split EP with Suicidal Winds (Terranis Prod / Iron Bonehead)

  • SATHANAS will be heading into the studio in April to begin recording their upcoming release "La Hora De Lucifer" with epic cover art by Kris Verwimp. More updates soon!

  • KILLYOURSELF PROD. proudly present:
    - KILL009: NOCTURNAL VOMIT "Divine Profanation" CD (all demos of this psychotic death metal horde for the first time on one CD)
    - KILL010: UNHOLY ARCHANGEL "Obsessed by War" CD (after years of existence the time has come for the debut full-length of this black/death warmachine, this one comes in standard jewelcase)
    Available for 10 euros/14 $ postpaid.
    Contact: or
    Out soon:
    - HADEZ "The path of the ossuary...Devilish possession 7" EP
    - EMBRACE OF THORNS "...for I see death in their eyes" CD re-press
    - ATOMICIDE "Bow down before the ritual war orgies" 7" EP
    - NOCTURNAL VOMIT "Horrors of utter chaos" debut CD

    January 17th, 2010:

  • A few reviews were added at last.

  • The 3rd onslaught made by this Filipino Metal fanatic is available now. Still uncompromising, still anti-poser! 11 worthy UG bands such as: CRUCIAMENTUM, EVIL ANGEL, DENOUNCEMENT PYRE, APOCALYPSE COMMAND, INCISOR, SERVORUM, ARMORED GOAT, HELLHOUND, SANGUIS IMPEREM, ARPHAXAT and TRIDENT NATION zine. Plus RAGE OF THE BLACK KNIGHTS 5 Davao gig report, DAVAO METAL STRONGHOLD and tons of vinyl, cd, tape and fanzine reviews. Over all 64 full-size pages inspired by the old traditional way of raw and untrendy layout. Labels/distributors ask for cheap wholesale price. Trades are welcome but write first. Email to "DIE YOU POSER! zine":


    The PSYCHO staff have started RAMMSTAHL MUSIC PROPAGANDA as well.,,,

  • IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS proudly presents:
    RETROSPECTIVA AL METAL CHILENO (Chile) - 12" Gatefold Compilation LP! The Title Already Says Is All! The Chilean 80's Thrash Metal At its Very Best! Featuring Recordings Of: NECROSIS, NIMROD, MASSACRE, RUST, DORSO, VASTATOR, SQUAD, D.T.H., TORTURER, DARKNESS, IN AGGRESSION, BETRAYED, BELIAL, CANCERBERO. Comes With A Noble Full Coloured Gatefold Sleeve & Insert. Featuring Tons Of Old Pics, Covers, Infos, Flyers etc.! Limited to 1000 Copies On Black Fucking Vinyl! Get Your Copy Now For 12,00 Euro + Postage.

  • NECROMACER REC. proudly presents:

    - 2010 is going to be the label's biggest year yet with some of the releases planned. First into the studio in January are BLOOD REVOLT featuring J Read & Vermin of AOA/REVENGE fame with A.A. Nemtheanga from PRIMORDIAL handling vocal duties. This release is certainly going to raise eyebrows and hopefully knock plenty of noses out of joint. Expect an April/May release.
    - Gene Palubicki is busy laying the groundwork for the upcoming APOCALYPSE COMMAND yet to be titled full length. Assisting in the recording will be CJS and VK of DIOCLETIAN infamy. Pummelling, barbaric, violent Black/Death Metal in the vein of the mighty 'INRI' is what is to be expected.
    - Invictus is very proud to announce its partnership with NEGATIVE PLANE who will also enter the studio shortly to record their second opus 'Stained Glass Revelations'. Following on from their incredible 'Et In Saecula Saeculorum' debut album released via Ajna in 2006, 'Stained Glass Revelations' will transcend much of what is considered contemporary Black Metal and elevate a once profound and enigmatic music genre to a whole new level. European dates are being planned and touring possibilities are currently being discussed for later 2010.
    - Canada's TYRANTS BLOOD will shortly see their second full-length album 'Crushing Onward Into Oblivion' unleashed by Invictus. Numerous pressing plant issues have held the album up, which has been paid for in full for months now! A bruising and battering album, amalgamating styles from POSSESSED, SADUS, MORBID ANGEL, DESTRUCTION & MORBID SAINT, 'Crushing…' is a masterpiece of contemporary speed/death/thrash Metal that will tear your head clean off. It will not disappoint!
    - The abomination from the southern hemisphere WITCHRIST will vomit forth its debut full-length album in early 2010. Having sat through the album sans vocals I can assure it will impress upon the hearts of all filth mongers out there what it means to be abyssic, filthy Death fucking Metal. No holds barred. WITCHRIST t shirts are now available from the web store
    - Further to the Doom Cult campaign, DIOCLETIAN are in the process of demoing material for their second full length 'War Of All Against All'. I have been assured by lead cult celebrant Atrociter that the ghastliness, violence and ferocity of 'Doom Cult' will be slain by the upcoming album, engaging a more vicious approach than before. DIOCLETIAN are also set to release some split EP's on various other labels. They are also eyeing invading Europe and the USA in 2010. You have been forewarned!
    - SANGUIS IMPEREM will record their debut, yet to be titled full length for Invictus in early/mid 2010. On the heels of the soon to be released split 12" with NOCTURNAL BLOOD, expect more brutal Death Metal militancy from this US quartet!

  • 9th issue of "ANTICHRIST magazine" out now! 48 A4 pages, 3.000 copies, worldwide distribution, English written, professionally printed on glossy paper (two-sided full-colored layout). Inside: WITCHTRAP, GUILLOTINE, OBSCURE (ex-ENSLAVED), COLOSSEUM, AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, GRAVEYARD, AGATHODAIMON, MAXIMUM PERVERSION, KB, MYND SNARE, NACHTGESCHREI, UNLIGHT, WIZARD, HELLHOUND, ZERSTORER, ORDALION, MORTUS EST, PLANAR EVIL, SLAUGHTER LORD + Kunstkamera of Petr Great, the Costa Rica scene report, tons of reviews, ads etc. You can order your copy now for just 15 UAH (Ukraina) / 2 EUR (Russia) / 5 EUR (Europe) / 5 USD (Overseas). Price includes packing and postage by airmail!

    - Swedish Melancholic Metallers IN MOURNING have set the official release dates as 25th of January 2010 and 16th of February 2010 for European and North American territories respectively, for the upcoming masterpiece entitled "Monolith". A mini-site for "Monolith" is now launched, so fans can finally hear the new album in its entirety, with high-quality streaming. The mini-site also includes essential information such as album tracklisting, band biography and as well as some photos and videos taken from the "Monolith" recording sessions.
    - The official street dates for the upcoming re-issue of "UNLEASH" album of Swedish Death Metallers MY OWN GRAVE have been set as 19th of January 2010 for North American territories and 27th of January 2010 for European territories.
    - Norwegian Black Metallers DEN SAAKALDTE have recruited Anders Kobro, long time drummer with the legendary CARPATHIAN FOREST, to their ranks to replace the departing Uruz. Kobro, will join the band with immediate effect, and begin rehearsing for next years' live appearances and upcoming recording sessions.

  • "ATMOSPHERIC MAGAZINE #16" available now! Interviews with: ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW, TURISAS, DEATH ANGEL, HAGGARD, TURBO, BESATT, DARZAMAT, DECAPITATED, ARMAGEDON, Marcin ,,Novy" Nowak (ex-VADER, ex-BEHEMOTH, ex-DEVILYN, VIRGIN SNATCH, ex-DIES IRAE), Jakub "Cloud" Chmura (SCEPTIC, THY DISEASE), FRONTSIDE, EBOLA, SAINC, SKELETON OF GOD, NOWELA minizine, LACRIMOSA, KORSARZ, an article about vintage Scandinavian Thrash Metal, Summary of 2009, gig reports, reviews. Format A4, 64 pages, pro-printed, POLISH written.

  • SHADOWNIGHT RECORDS / BLACK SERPENT Newsletter January 2010:
    - about the upcoming Lustration/Black Serpent split EP out on Forgotten Wisdom Productions, Chris Moyen has commenced work on front cover. Further details to be posted next update.
    - eternal gratitude and dark salutes to Thomas FWP & Lustration for supporting Black Serpent Arts.
    - BLACK SERPENT interviews for 2010 will be published in the following respected print zines from the real underground:
    R'lyeh Zine (Poland) Issue# 9...Further detail tba on this most respected & spirited zine
    Prayerbook Zine (Italy) Issue# 4...A4 sized, gloss, cut & paste mixed with modern pc, blood of the ug, further details tba
    Human Desecration Zine (Spain) Issue#3...Released in both Spanish and English, great hordes and supporters of the ug!!
    *Concerning R'lyeh Zine and Prayerbook Zine, Black Serpent inties will only be available on hard copy print format and will not be posted online. The full English version of Human Desecration Zine Issue# 3 will be posted on the SR site on release. Issue also features intie with Comrade and good friend DeathMessiah & COMMUNION! Full English version of zine to be sent out by e-mail in due course. Spanish version will be available in hard copy print format only.
    - AVAILABLE NOW: Iron Hammer Zine Issue #3 (Germany) - Death Invoker, Live Reports, Sargatanas, Black Serpent, Cultes Des Ghoules, Reviews, Children of Technology, Kathgor, fanzine reviews... Master of the old fashioned UG ways and zine craft!! Photo attached, few copies left in stock.
    - Check out NEW ITEMS at SR stock for January 2010
    - Satanic Records Merchandise available soon:
    BRISEN, (ITA) "Madre Tenebra" - MCD
    BLACK VOMIT, (MEX) "The Faithful Servant" - CD
    BLACK EMPIRE, (MEX), Kratonars, (PHI), Nakkiga, (SPA), Xerion, (SPA) CD (4/way split CD)
    GOMORY, (MEX) "Pagan Land" - Tape
    CATACUMBA, (BRA) "Live 2005" - Tape
    - Full restock on all Proselytism cult releases due in stock January 2010, for photos visit Merch & Distro page on SR site.
    - Still Hot:
    FWP: 049 BLACK SERPENT, (AUS) Nightside Cosmology MLP/MCD - Vinyl cut at 180g + heavy vinyl, warm and rich sound see photo displayed on Releases page. Best selling 12inch MLP for FWP during Dec/Jan 09
    - Out Next:
    BLACK SERPENT, "Nightside Cosmology" Pro Tape Version to be released March/April 2010. Overseas label tba
    LUSTRATION/BLACK SERPENT split 7inch EP scheduled for release next year, out on Forgotten Wisdom Productions

  • After years of total unavailability, Displeased Records will reissue the excellent 1993's SACRED REICH classic "INDEPENDENT"! With upgraded layout, to-the-point remastering plus 3 EPs / 5 tracks as bonus, this new and improved reissue will be an essential addition to every Thrash Metal collection! Available as digipak limited to 2000 copies that includes free patch and jewel box (first 500 jewel box copies include free patch). Release date: March 15th, 2010.

    December 27th, 2009:

  • NOMAD ( news:
    - Finally the band updated the "SHOP" section where you can check out their merchandise. New T-shirts are available now! T-shirt

    - The guys have started to record their brand new full-length on April 27, 2009! The drums, bass and guitar tracks are already recorded! Arek "Malta" Malczewski (BEHEMOTH, AZARATH and many others), with whom the band have already worked before, is a sound engineer again.
    - Bleyzabel has just come back from a recording studio where he laid down the vocal tracks on three songs to check how they go with the music. The final effort is fuckin' dark, evil and… killer!
    - The worldwide release of "THE INDEPENDENCE..." by German ANIMATE REC. took place a few months ago! You can get this beautiful slipcase CD incl. bonus track directly from us for only 6 EUR/9 USD + postage slipcase CD

    - The debut demo "DISORDER" (February 1996) was finally mastered by Jaroslaw "Smok" Smak who's been responsible for the mastering of "THE INDEPENDENCE OF OBSERVATION CHOICE (LUCE CLARIUS)" as well as their upcoming album. The demo sounds really cool and the band's thinking about reissuing it. Any labels interested in releasing it on tape, CD or vinyl format, get in touch!

  • Check out new AMORPHOUS' material entitled "MODUS OPERANDI" at: CD version will be available in January 2010.

  • CONDENADOS "LA GRAN MUERTE" (Chile) 7"EP - a new release from LEGION OF DEATH Records is available now. The band perform dark and heavy Doom Metal, highly influenced by perverted cults like SAINT VITUS, CATHEDRAL, ELECTRIC WIZARD among others. It's the first Doom Metal release by LEGION OF DEATH, and the first vinyl release by the band. Lyrics entirely written in Spanish. WebSite + WebShop:

  • TURANIAN HONOUR PROD. proudly presents: HORNA (Fin) / NEFARIOUS (Hun) - 7" split EP limited to 666 hand-numbered copies and 111 in colour vinyl. The first 88 copies of the colour vinyl version come together with Horna & Nefarious embroidered logo patch.

  • DEATH DEALERS ASSOCIATION ( presents new releases:
    - FDS "XII.07" MCD 2009 - a new project of the Massemord/Furia members playing dark, atmospheric Black Metal
    - DEMONIC SLAUGHTER "COLD DISEASE OF REALITY" CD 2009 - debut full-length of this Polish evil horde.
    Sound samples at:
    Still available DDA/Demokult releases:
    Death Dealers Association:
    - SNÖTARAR (Swe) "Vredeslusta" CD - Northern Black Metal in the vein of early '90's
    - XAOS OBLIVION (Pol) "Antithesis of Creation" CD - Dark Ritual Black Metal
    - ELIMI (Swe) "Summoned From Ashes" CD - True Swedish Black Metal
    - BLODSKALD (Swe) "Vidundret" CD - Cold Northern Black Metal
    DemoKult Series:
    - SYTRIS (Pol) "Lost in Eternal Shadows" demo CDR 2009 (ltd. 333) - Black Metal in the vein of early Burzum and Gehenna. Special edition (

  • NVS ( is proud to announce the release of SCORCHED-EARTH'S "MARS" as a limited edition pro-done cassette. Look for "MARS" on CD in early 2010 via the band's own label. More "MARS" tracks posted at:

  • Upcoming releases from PSYCHO RECORDS (
    - UNDERDARK (Pol) "In The Name Of Chaos" - debut full-length (death metal)
    - CHAOS SYNOPSIS (Bra) "KVLT OV DEMENTIA" CD - death metal, the album comes with 2 bonus tracks including DEATH cover "Zombie Ritual". The full-length was already released in Brazil through FREEMIND RECORDS, but didn't contain the bonus material.

    - Iconic Death Metal legends MASTER have recently completed recording their upcoming latest full-length offering entitled "THE HUMAN MACHINE". The mixing process is still currently underway, and an expected date for the album mastering should begin on 30th of December 2009. MASTER are scheduled for a Brazilian tour in mid-January 2010, followed by 2 back-to-back European tours in support of the upcoming new album "The Human Machine". More details and announcement will be made soon on the European tours.
    - SALEM, the legendary and most enduring Israeli Extreme Metal band in Israel's Rock / Metal history ever, has now officially joined the ranks of PULVERISED RECORDS!
    - Swedish Melancholic Metallers IN MOURNING have set the second full-length album title as "MONOLITH". An approximate release date of February 2010 has been set, but a further announcement will be made on the finalised street date. Utilising the artistic services of the celebrated introspect artist Travis Smith (Nevermore, Opeth, King Diamond, Amorphis, etc), this exquisite yet haunting cover artwork for "Monolith" is an immaculate fit to this follow-up album. "Monolith" was recorded, mixed and mastered at Black Lounge Studio, Sweden (Carnal Forge, Scar Symmetry, Steel Attack, etc) once again with Scar Symmetry axe-man / engineer Jonas Kjellgren.

  • Ghiulz, guitarist of FAUST (Tech-Death Metal,, officially is the new guitarist of the legendary Italian Brutal Thrash Metal band BULLDOZER!

  • BLACK FOX RECORDS announced a release of "THE DARK SIDE OF THE BLUES - A TRIBUTE TO DANZIG" (digipak, limited to 666 hand-numbered copies)! The CD contains 18 covers by: November, 666 Aniolow, The Cuffs, The No-Mads, Dead Infection, Cochise, The Kolt, Abused Majesty, Dumbs, Hellraizer, Vulgar, Hyperial, Effect Murder, Feto In Fetus, Death Denied, Sonneillon, Hugeccm, Angerpath. More details at: or

  • SEPTIC FLESH "COMMUNION" LP out now! Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl and 50 copies in wooden box (to be released on 10/1/10). Check for more releases/updates.

    - the very last copies of the DESASTER "20 Years of total Desaster" DIE HARD Box are available
    - the label has released other killing stuff just like the KETZER "Satan's Boundaries Unchained" CD/LP. This is for fans of Deströyer 666, Gospel of the Horns and Desaster a must to check. Great sounding thrashing black metal that is catchy as fukk
    - BARATHRUM's second 12" vinyl release is also unleashed. "Saatana" is still available in its last copies as die hard version, clear vinyl and black vinyl.
    - KBTMT printed official merchandise of NOCTURNAL as well! Shirts to their last killer album + giant back-patches (shaped, logo). They are getting low in quantities already, the patches won't be manufactured a second-time.
    - the label has the SABBAT/DESASTER 7"EP (black vinyl) and the Deströyer 666 - Defiance LP in their shop to pre-order
    All news/infos concerning:
    Direct link to their shop:

    April 16th, 2007:


    April 2nd, 2007:


  • NOMAD's just signed to EMPIRE REC. (a.o. Hate, Trauma, Vesania)! The album "THE INDEPENDENCE OF OBSERVATION CHOICE (LUCE CLARIUS)" will be out in May/June together with "Thrash'em All mag." in 5000 copies! The band's still looking for a label to release the album outside the territory of Poland. Again they'll co-operate with Tomasz "Graal" Danilowicz who will prepare the front cover as well as the whole booklet, so you can expect something really good and demonic.

  • ABUSIVENESS news (
    - In October 2006 the band finished recording of the new full-length - "Hybris". It will be released in Europe by German Heavy Horses Rec. and under the license by Death Solution Prod. in Poland. European release date is April 12th, 2007. We included a downloadable promo track - "Blades Of Truth". You can see the front cover and track list below:
    01. Preludium
    02. Blades Of Truth
    03. Legend Of Ages
    04. Millenium Of Disgrace
    05. Interludium
    06. Stanica
    07. Gorej¹ Wici
    08. Fame Of Arkona
    09. Fire And Blood
    10. 16 X 955
    11. Hybris / Postludium
    - We'd like to announce that since August 2006 Abusiveness has had their profile on It is the only official profile of the horde, developed by the band itself. You can check it at:
    - They've been confirmed to perform as a support at "Scorched Land Tour 2007" on 29th April in Lublin with the Swedish legend Dismember as the headliner. In June Abussiveness is also going to play at the German "Gahlen Mohst Open Air" festival in Cottbus.
    - Strigoi Rec. has just released a tape version of "Krzyk Switu" limited to 200 hand-numbered copies.

  • PAGAN RECORDS news (
    The long-awaited split with THRONEUM and REVELATION OF DOOM is out now! The album is called "Total Regression!" and clocks in about 40 minutes, consisting of exclusive, all new cuts from both bands, as well as plenty of covers (Hellhammer, Blasphemy, Destruction, Morgoth to name a few...). Highly recommended for fans of raw and ugly Death/Black Metal.
    The cult, long running U.S. underground legend SATHANAS, will release its mini album "Flesh For The Devil", on February 24th, 2007 via Pagan Records. The track listing is as follows: "Invocation", "Possessed by Blasphemy", "Flesh for the Beast", "Reign of the Antichrist", "Nocturnal Hell" and "Unholy War". All songs are in the classic, raw Black/Death SATHANAS style. Cover art was handled by Chris Moyen and the lay out was done by Northgrove from Vulture Lord.
    After numerous split releases and demos, Polish antichristian Thrash metallers BLOODTHIRST have signed to Pagan Records. The band will enter the Metalsound Studio in early March to begin recording their debut full length album Let Him Die". Expect nine songs of violent, bone crushing, headbanging Thrash Metal in the vein of the 80's titans: Kreator ("Pleasure To Kill" period), Protector, Assassin... Some of the songs that will appear on the album: "Let Him Die", "Desecrate The Lie", "Crush The Bastard Nazarene", "Thrashing Madness", "Destroyer - Bringer Of Flames", "Winds Of Death", "Excommunion (Sacrifice For Hell)". The cover and layout art will be done by Klaudiusz Witczak (Throneum, Nun Slaughter, Anima Damnata). "Let Him Die" is expected to be released somewhere in the middle of 2007.
    HERMH has finished its work on miniCD entitled "After The Fire - Ashes". The album contains of 10 songs: 5 premiere tracks including VENOM cover "Black Metal", 4 live tracks and special version of "Red Blood Running" re-arranged by RED EMPREZ. Track list is as follows: PurgatorY, HermetiC, CrownympH, WolfisH FloweR, BlacK MetaL, Red BlooD RunninG, SeptU AnnU - TheorY Of NaturE, BacK FroM DivinE, FeaR Of BlooD, VampyroniuM. It should be out late spring 2007. At the time there should be available first, official HERMH's DVD - "THE SECRETS OF THE SPIRITual POWER" with almost 3 hours of concerts, video-clips as well as backstage takes and interviews.
    Stillborn's just entered a studio to record their second full-length entitled "Manifiesto de Blasfemia". Expect 11 songs full of destruction and blasphemy!
    REVELATION OF DOOM keeps working on a new cut. Working title of it is "siXsiXsiX". The band is going to enter L.A. Studio in May/June 2007 in order to record their Necro Metal tracks. Some titles are: From Metal To Hell, Phaluscipher The Godcrusher, Messenger Of Darkness, Alcoholocaust Delirium, Morbid Death, siXsiXsiX, Speedmetal Satan... The album release date is planned for Autumn 2007.
    AZARATH's two last releases i.e. "Infernal Blasting" and "Diabolic Impious Evil" will be out as limited LP's thanx to Agonia Records and Pagan records.
    AZARATH will also play 9 gigs during Scorched Land Tour 2007 across Poland (together with DISMEMBER, VEDONIST and IPERYT)
    You can download NON OPUS DEI's brand new video-clip "Alne - Lyna".

  • VEDONIST signed the new contract to Trinity Records Hong Kong and started the recording session of its second full-length album at Sophiria Studio. The new record, called "The World Of Reversed Decalogue", will contain 8 songs of technical death metal and in the lyrical sphere will be a concept-album about German concentration camps in Poland. The band plans to finish recording till the 21st of April as the Scorched Land Tour 2007 (Dismember, Azarath, Vedonist and Iperyt) begins. Premiere of the new album is planned for August 2007.

  • TIME BEFORE TIME RECORDS ( new releases:
    - HEPTAMERON (Gre) "Grand Master Of The Final Harvest" CD, debut album, old school die hard Black Metal inspired by Zemial, Bathory, old Mayhem and early Samael!
    - DEATHEVOKATION (Usa) / MANDATORY (Ger) / KINGDOM (Pol) "Altar Of The Old Skulls" split CD, 3 maniacal old school Death Metal acts for maniax of Asphyx, Grave, Obituary, Sadistik Exekution!

  • SELFMADEGOD news (
    Warsaw-based Daymares have just finished work on its debut album entitled "Can't Get Us All". Drums were tracked at Kokszoman Studio with Maciek Miechowicz (Neuma, ex-Kobong) while the rest of the stuff was recorded at a new born As One Studio with Smok (ex-Post Regiment) and Activator.
    This 11-song album bridges heavy and pissed off hardcore, punk rock and death'n'roll. Raw, yet catchy and energetic, these are tunes that could attract fans of Entombed and Integrity as well as Tragedy or even Damnation AD. Fast, angry and discontent, the anthems are sinister and with a hard groove throughout.
    Whole artwork has been drawn by outstanding Polish artist Rafal Wechterowicz (Ringworm, Integrity, Path of Resistance, Earth Crisis, Soulfly, Guns'n'Roses, Damnation AD).
    Two songs ("The Bigger The Lie" and "I Shit You Not") are available online at the band's myspace site or in MP3 section of Selfmadegod Records website.
    "Can't Get Us All" is due out in first half of May 2007 on Selfmadegod Records. Special edition consisting of digipack version as well as Daymares t-shirt will be available exclusively via Selfmadegod webstore.
    From March 30 until April 5 Polish-based quartet Third Degree will enter its local Studio X in order to record the second full album tentatively entitled "Punk Sugar". The band is going to record 11 grind tunes full of punk dirtiness and metal heaviness referring to the previous recordings. All the vocals duties are taken over by old Third Degree (and current Herman Rarebell) singer Czarny who will replace recently departured vocalist Jungi.
    As usual Szymon Czech (the guitarist) will be responsible for the sound and whole recoding session.
    "Punk Sugar" will hit the streets in summer 2007 via Selfmadegod Records.
    The band first ever full length "Outstay" has been released in 2005. Previous materials including the demo tape as well as couple splits and vinyl releases put out throughout the years have been compiled all together on "Six Years Of 666" CD.
    The 2007 brings 10-years anniversary of Third Degree. Obviously the sophomore release will be the best jubilee present that this Polish grind unit can give themselves.
    The central Poland-based remarkable powerhouse eventually finished work on its new album entitled "Progress". Recorded at PJ Reda Studio follow-up to the 2004's "Seeds Of Cruelty", the record offers 30 minutes of mad, straight-forward grind core, distinctive to no other but them. Their massive and catchy sound breakdowns, immense metallic noises, impetuous shouts and socio-political lyrics all make this quintet the incontestable major representatives of the Polish ground. With the fourth album, Toxic Bonkers prove highest status in nearly 15-year-long career. "Progress" consists of 10 songs and will be released in May 2007 under Selfmadegod Records flag.
    Selfmadegod Records extremely proudly welcomes Hirax, originators of thrash metal crossover music in its family.
    Hirax are back with a five song mini-album. First new recordings in three years. More than any other Hirax record "Assassins of War" takes you on a thrash metal journey and gives you a sound of the band like you have never heard before. The disc includes the devastating hit "Lucifer's Inferno" chosen by Metal Maniacs Magazine as pick of the week. Fans of the band will chew off their own faces to get their skulls on this shit. "Assassins Of War" is certain to enhance Hirax' already stellar reputation.
    Recorded at Shiva Industries in Santa Ana, CA with producer John Haddad, the mini-album has been released in the United States via Hirax' own label Black Devil Records and Deep Six Records in February 6th, 2007. Its European release date is set to March 26th, 2007 via Polish Selfmadegod Records.
    Antigama from Warsaw, Poland and Drugs Of Faith from Virginia, USA team up for a split disc inspired by the Napalm Death / Coalesce split, "In Tongues We Speak". Following in the footsteps of that bi-national split of grind core and hard core, Selfmadegod Records from Poland is poised to release the Antigama / Drugs Of Faith split 3"CD on an eager world audience.
    The three songs representing Antigama's share of the CD are the last ones that the band is issuing before the awaited Relapse debut full-length, "Resonance", which, as Relapse describes on its website, is "certain to drive the listener to frenzied extremes never before experienced." Antigama turns in two original songs packed full of its trademark sound and a cover of a classic Goblin song.
    As for Drugs Of Faith, this power trio delivers three new tracks that offer a taste of what the future full-length on Selfmadegod may sound like. The band has new surprises up its sleeve, having churned out spanking new material for this team up with Antigama that takes its sound further down the road hinted at with the self-titled mini-album, both musically and lyrically.
    Not content to have two bands from the same obvious genres or sharing the same influences go head to head on a split, as often happens, Antigama and Drugs Of Faith's individual sounds play against each other, resulting in a jolt for the listener as the tracks alternate between the two bands on Selfmadegod's latest release. With Antigama awaiting the arrival of its Relapse full-length and Drugs Of Faith supporting the LP version of its mini-album (which features two bonus tracks), the split 3"CD should be a must for fans of either or both groups.
    An old hand at steering grind core in the studio, Szymon Czech (Nyia, Third Degree, Antigama), has mastered this double-barrel disc due on March 26 2007.

  • Heavy Horses Records will release a debut album from Polish MESMERIZED entitled "Coronation". Also the split with Sturmgewehr 666 titled "Declaring Deathreich Decalogue" should be out soon through US Butchered Records. Actually the band is working on new tracks to be recorded this year. Visit:

    March 6th, 2006:


    February 17th, 2007

  • I've just added an interview with Swedish masters of grind/crust - AFGRUND. Click here to read.

    February 11th, 2007:

  • "COMPLETE NECRO #2" is out! 40 pages A4, xero, English written (!), inside just Old-school and Total Underground, a.o.: Sathanas, Throneum, Slugathor, Minotaur, Protector, Unpure, Horned Almighty, Edored Curse, Damaged Case. Address: Michal Dolinski, Krasinskiego 18B, 83-110 Tczew, Poland,

  • PARANOIA's debut CD containing brutal gore grind is out now through REDRUM 666 (!

  • Already in the middle of March along with "Thrash'em All mag #2/2007" CREMASTER's new album "Pumpernikel" will appear. The album features such guests as: Titus (Acid Drinkers), Tomasz "Szamot" Rzeszutek (Jesus Chrysler Suicide), Seevy (004), Maupa (Cerebrum) and ataman Tolovy (TT, Stillborn) who is also the author of the cover as well as other Cremaster pictures.

  • "At War with... INHUMATE" - INHUMATE's 1st DVD is now unleashed!

  • Via-Nocturna proudly presents: ABSENTIA "Waiting" - industrial/dark ambient/noise. Check the song "Yesterday's Existence" out at

  • Black Metal STRANDHOGG entered Migdal Mobile Studio in December '06 to record its first full-length album entitled "Ritualistic Plague (Evangelical Death Apotheosis)".
    Only few copies of STRANDHOGG's "Art Of Satanic And Antichristian Blood" demo left. Anyone interested just write at Don't forget to write your postal address as the demo will be sent to you for free (without ANY costs!).

    - Split album of Black Altar and Norwegian Nebular Mystic is out now! Black Altar part contains the remastered version of "Wrath ov the Gods" including 4 bonus tracks. This slip case CD was issued through South American WarKult Prod.
    - Black Altar finished recordings for their second full-length entitled "Death Fanaticism". It should be out in May thanks to Odium Rex
    - Orcustus 7" EP won't be issued by Odium Rex due to the band's decision so as not to publish songs from their demo again. However, further co-operation is not to be ruled out. Soon, Odium Rex will issue an official Orcustus T-shirt
    - Instead of publishing the Orcustus EP, Odium Rex is going to issue a heavy vinyl of Varathron's "Crownsreign" as well as 7" heavy EP with 2-side poster of Norwegian Deathcult (a band from Hoest of Taake and Skaag of Ghaalskaag) in co-operation with Chaos Axis Rec.

    The long-awaited split with THRONEUM and REVELATION OF DOOM is now done, and is expected to be released late February, 2007 on Pagan Records. The album is called "Total Regression!" and clocks in about 40 minutes, consisting of exclusive, all new cuts from both bands, as well as plenty of covers (Hellhammer, Blasphemy, Destruction, Morgoth to name a few...). Highly recommended for fans of raw and ugly Death/Black Metal.
    The cult, long running U.S. underground legend SATHANAS, will release its mini album "Flesh For The Devil", on February 24th, 2007 via Pagan Records. The track listing is as follows: "Invocation", "Possessed by Blasphemy", "Flesh for the Beast", "Reign of the Antichrist", "Nocturnal Hell" and "Unholy War". All songs are in the classic, raw Black/Death SATHANAS style. Cover art was handled by Chris Moyen and the lay out was done by Northgrove from Vulture Lord.
    After numerous split releases and demos, Polish antichristian Thrash metallers BLOODTHIRST have signed to Pagan Records. The band will enter the Metalsound Studio in early March to begin recording their debut full length album Let Him Die". Expect nine songs of violent, bone crushing, headbanging Thrash Metal in the vein of the 80's titans: Kreator ("Pleasure To Kill" period), Protector, Assassin... Some of the songs that will appear on the album: "Let Him Die", "Desecrate The Lie", "Crush The Bastard Nazarene", "Thrashing Madness", "Destroyer - Bringer Of Flames", "Winds Of Death", "Excommunion (Sacrifice For Hell)". The cover and layout art will be done by Klaudiusz Witczak (Throneum, Nun Slaughter, Anima Damnata). "Let Him Die" is expected to be released somewhere in the middle of 2007.

    - You can watch EFFECT MURDER as well as MONSTRUM (heavy), MEMEMBRIS (black), ENTROPIA (death) at "METAL JEERS DEATH ASSAULT VOL.I" (Bialystok, Poland). Info:
    - EFFECT MURDER on MY SPACE! Visit the band's profile:
    - At you can watch the band's offical videoclips "Massacre" and "Against Terror" as well as live videos.

  • PROFUNDIS "Nokturn" demo was just pressed onto professional CD thanks to Polish Diachell Musik ( It contains the whole demo stuff + bonus cover song from Budka Suflera. Ask also for promo CD's.

    January 9th, 2007:


    January 1st, 2007:

  • Finally NOMAD T-shirts are available! Black, 2-sided, with "The Devilish Whirl" green printings! Size: L and XL. Price: 12 EUR/15$ (postage included!).
    Rozmiar: 6690 bajtów

    November 21st, 2006:

  • I've just added an interview with Polish masters of old-school metal - INSEMINATOR. Click here to read.

    November 19th, 2006:

  • NOMAD will play in their hometown Opoczno on December, 9th together with the legendary PANDEMONIUM, BESTIAL RAIDS and RAIN OF SORROW!

    Rozmiar: 23044 bajtów

  • The mighty PANDEMONIUM is entering SERAKOS STUDIO in February 2007 to record a brand new album entitled "HELLSPAWN" (MYSTIC PROD.)!
    Besides, on January 13th A.S. 2007 the band will play at MAAGAL FEST (Warsaw, PL) together with ARATHYR / ETHELYN / EMPHERIS / BELFEGOR / SALTUS / NOMAD! More info:

    - HERMH has just finished working on their new MCD "AFTER THE FIRE - ASHES". The mini-CD brings over 43 minutes of material that features 2 brand new songs "Hermetic" and "Crownymph", new version of "Wolfish Flower", VENOM cover "Black Metal", 4 live tracks and "Red Blood Running" remixed by electro-industrial RED EMPREZ. Some samples available at: There will be bonus video clip as well!
    - NORTH "Na Polach Bitew" ("In The Battlefields") is out now!
    Crushing Pagan War Metal. Fourth album of Slavonic Heathen Warriors from Poland with lyrics in their native language. NORTH belongs to the cult first wave of True Polish Black Metal of early 90's along with BEHEMOTH, GRAVELAND, HERMH, SACRILEGIUM and INFERNUM. CD includes some exclusive artwork by Rob Darken.
    More info and mp3 available at Pagan Records website.

  • ESQARIAL prepared a new album "BURNED GROUND STRATEGY". You can listen to one track at:
    The new drummer is Michal "Bandaz" Bednarz from Domestic Waste.
    The band is looking for promoters, too. More info:

  • BANISHER is recording their first full-length that will contain 9 tracks of intense & technical death metal as well as a bonus cover song!

  • VIA-NOCTURNA presents CALM HATCHERY "EL-ALAMEIN" - nearly 32 minutes of technical death metal. The album is soaked with the stench of oil and steel. All this on the pro-done CDr with excellent graphics! Limited to 200 copies, for only 4,99 USD. Order your copy now at Detailed information regarding the release are available at Via-Nocturna website:

  • New official UNEARTHLY website is working! Download the songs from their upcoming album "UNMCERCYFUL PERSONALIZED BESTIALITY".

    November 1st, 2006:


    October 29th, 2006:

  • We've just added NOMAD's "Dies Irae" from their brand new album! Click here to download. Waiting for your comment.

    October 22nd, 2006:

  • NOMAD has just finished mixing the brand new album! They're going to do a mastering and to start looking for a label soon. Probably the album title will change. But we'll let you know about it as soon as possible. In the meantime you can see the band at "Mistyczna Noc" on November 4th.

    September 19th, 2006:


    September 12th, 2006:


    September 1st, 2006:


    August 21st, 2006:

  • Anyone interested in Malaysian FARASU "THE BLACKMOON ECLIPSE" MCD, write to the band: The guys play raw melodic death/thrash metal. You can listen to some samples at

  • Three new releases from METAL RULEZ PROD. are available now:
    Raw Black Metal vs. Great Thrash/Black. Real fucking destruction! Limited to 200 copies. MC with b&w booklet.
    One of the best Black/Thrash/Death bands in Poland! Underground and old school. No fucking remorse. Limited to 100 copies. MC with b&w booklet.
    3 ways of grinding madness. Limited to 120 copies. MC with b&w booklet.
    More info in the releases section. Samples in the download section.

  • HERMH has entered Hertz studio to record their new MCD and to finish the trilogy. There will be new and live tracks as well as a Venom cover song and remix of one track made by Polish RED EMPREZ (modern dark-elektro-industrial)! The MCD will be published by Pagan Record, of course.

  • PROCLAMATION (SPA) "ADVENT OF THE BLACK OMEN" CD finally available through NUCLEAR WAR NOW! ( in conspiracy with ROSS BAY CULT ( 10 tracks of Bestial Black Death Abomination conjurated in the old tradition to crush your skull and reap your soul.

    BAALPHEGOR "Post Earthquake Age"
    ingenious Death Metal on a highest level - sweeping, fast and brutal Death Metal for fans of MORBID ANGEL, VILE or CRYPTOPSY!
    AMOK "Lullabies of Silence"
    frenzy mix across modern extreme Metal and Grind elements for fans into CEPHALIC CARNAGE, CROWPATH, ION DISSONANCE and the like...

  • THE STONE (YU) news:
    - The Stone official split DVD with brother band May Result, entitled "Live Curse from the East", has just been released on USA label Pagan Flames / Black Metal DVDs. The Stone part of DVD presents band live performance at Czech cult festival "Open Hell 2003"
    - The Stone is on MySpace (, so you can check out some of those bands who were added as friends under our profile. Also, feel free to add The Stone as your friend and leave a comment
    - Still hot from The Stone: new "MAGLA" CD, June 2006, Folter Records

  • EUFOBIA ( completed their work under the new video! The filmed track is "Rain Of Snails". The clip director is Maxim Alex ("Planet Art" studio), who takes part in the previous band's clip "Maligna" like an actor. In the new video are included frames from "Abject" movie, which is directed by Maxim.
    Also, starts band's MySpace profile, check it at
    EUFOBIA's "Cup Of Mud" album is available from Distributor Of Pain (, their previous video "Maligna" is available for free download from

  • SMASHED FACE second album "VIRULENT PROCREATION" is out now through Nice To Eat You Rec./Comatose Music (exclusive distribution in USA). The CD contains 31 minutes of brutal death metal in NY way

  • "NECROSCOPE # 17" is out! 142 pages in A5 format, "8" font, ENGLISH written, tons of reviews on real deep underground stuff only, interviews with: Primeval Mass & Burial Hordes (Gre), Datura (Ukr), Anael & Zarathustra (Ger), Embryotomy (Mac), Machetazo & Infernal Hate (Spa), Cold Northern Vengence (Usa), Samartary (Mal) & Soulless Profanation (Pl)!
    c/o Adam Stasiak, ul. Zakopianska 42/3, 80-139 Gdansk, Poland

  • On April 27th, 2006 Scream In Flames Prod. unleashed EXTINCT GODS "DIES NEFASTI" CD. Expect nothing but great technical melodic death/thrash metal!

  • "ATMOSPHERIC #12" is already available for 3 months! Interviews with RISE FOR VICTORY 'zine, PSYCROPTIC (Aus), VISCERAL BLEEDING (Swe), NEWBREED, IN COMA, TOTAL DESTRUCTION 'zine, ZEENON (Nor), FIELLTRONE (Swe), VALINOR, MITHRAS (Uk), ATROPHIA RED SUN, MYSTERYA, MUTILATION, UMBRA NIHIL (Fin), MOURNING BELOVETH (Irl), MY SHAMEFUL (Ger) and CHTON (Nor). Besides: some articles, DBX Studio presentation, huge report on Sound Riot Records, live reports, 200 reviews on music and 'zine's! Format A4, 70 pages POLISH written.

    August 10th, 2006:

  • Norwegian BLOOD TSUNAMI has now signed a three album record deal with Nocturnal Art Productions/Candlelight Records and will enter the studio already in September this year. The debut album is scheduled to hit the streets in February or March 2007. The working title of the wicked bastard is just... "Thrash Metal"!,

  • VALINOR is looking for a label to release their brand new album entitled "Hidden Beauty". You can download 2 new songs "Hidden Beauty" and "The Hand Of A Dead" from their website.

  • Pagan black metal ABUSIVENESS has signed to German HEAVY HORSES REC.! The new album should be out on December. So the band is working hard on new tracks now. The band will play at Nocturnal Empire Festival 2006, too. Click here for more details.

  • UZIEL has just finished working on "Long Perished Rebels". It's their second material and contains melodic black/death metal as well as huge multimedia section.

  • The new TRAUMA's frontman is Kopec of DISHED. "Hamartia" MCD was the last record with Chudy as a member of Trauma. Kopec recorded all vocal tracks for the new Trauma full-length album. He handled either the stress in studio and the new tracks very well. He's a phenomenal singer and he did a great job with the new tracks. The band has recently also parted with Fill. Their new guitar player for gigs only is Dino of Spinal Cord.

  • Lunar Management informs that LUNA AD NOCTUM's new 3rd album - "The Perfect Evil In Mortal" - is available now! Check 2 new tracks at or MySpace!

  • Check also A6 Studios (Czech Republic, 5 km from Polish border):

  • DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS that has recently signed to Conquer Records, is currently working on a music video for "SataniChaoSymphony" - the last song of their upcoming album entitled "Plurima Mortis Imago" (release date - end of September 2006). An unknown Czech artist - Lucas Troup - is the author of this clip, but the band believes that his visions and skills will affirm many that they don't need a name of a great filmmaker to spread destruction in your heads... Make sure to check out "SataniChaoSymphony" audio version at

  • OLD TEMPLE ( presents:
    NORTH "Thorns On The Black Rose"
    It's CD re-release of the 1st album of legendary Polish act - NORTH. The stuff contains 42 minutes of freezing, raw black metal with pagan lyrics. The CD is released in digipack with sixteen page booklet with lyrics and photos of the band. Everything looks just like on first original release. The NORTH's logo is printed by silver paint on digipack and booklet! All copies are hand numbered!
    VINTERRIKET / URUK-HAI / NAK'KIGA "Ira Deorum Obliviorum"
    Almost an hour of dark ambient decorated by sounds of War. CDR released in non-standard way. Printed on a special carbon paper. All sites of booklet are connected by hemp rope. CDR limited to 100 hand numbered copies. Graphics made by Krzysztof Gibas.

    The new opus of HERMH - "EDEN'S FIRE" is out now. A truly bombastic Black/Death Metal release, more info and MP3 samples available on the label's website.
    They have some limited and exclusive merchandise from HERMH available, too.
    The reissues of early and long sold-out HERMH albums from the middle of 90's - "Taran" and "Echo" are out. The both albums are available as limited to 500 copies digipacks and include a few unreleased bonus songs.
    The new video-clip of NON OPUS DEI is available for downloading. The song is called "Kolejny obrot kola" and it's taken from the upcoming band's album "The Quintessence". To see the clip enter download section.
    The Slavonic Pagan Black Metal warriors - NORTH - have signed to Pagan Records. The band is recently finishing the recording of their new full-length album "Na Polach Bitew" ("On the Battlefields").
    Upcoming releases:
    NON OPUS DEI "The Quintessence" CD-digipack JUNE '06
    NORTH "Na Polach Bitew" CD - TBA
    AZARATH "Diabolous Impious Evil" CD - TBA

    August 6th, 2006:

  • Finally I added new interview! This time I examined German MANDATORY! Enjoy my chat with Sascha - click here.


    July 31st, 2006:


    July 27th, 2006:

  • The reviews on BRAQUEMARD, CROATAN, MANDATORY and PRAESEPE were added.

    July 2nd, 2006:


    April 2nd, 2006:

  • The reviews on BLASTMASTERS, ISOLATED and LORD were added.

    March 27th, 2006:

  • The reviews on NIHILISTIKRYPT and 3-way split "BBQ Of BRUTALITY" were added.

    26th of March 2006:


    19th of March 2006:


  • We also welcome our new partner DEATHGASM RECORDS!

    23rd of February 2006:

  • The reviews on REDEMPTOR and REVELATION OF DOOM were added.

    17th of February 2006:


    17th of January 2006:


    29th of October 2005:

  • The review on TARAN and info about gigs were added.

    20th of August 2005:

  • The reviews on MELTING FLESH, MORIOR ERGO SUM and SACRIFICO were added and link to PSYCHO 'zine, too.

    15th of August 2005:

  • Check MASTABAH - ULTRA FAST death metal band from Poland. It's formed by members of TRAUMA, DARK LEGION, BISCLAVERET and ex-AZARATH & ex-DAMNATION. There are no slowly parts but ULTRA FAST BLAST SPEED, DARKNESS and BRUTALITY. New songs will be avaible soon! DOWNLOAD MP3!

  • New relases from Headmeat, Endura, Hallowmas and Urgrund out now on RED STREAM!

  • SALEM's "Strings Attached" will be released in Mexico through OZ Productions who just signed a license deal and is planning to release a digipack edition of Salem's latest masterpiece.

  • Seven Gates Of Hell attacks with SHRAPNEL "Sturm" digiCD (Black Metal War Machine) and KARELIAN WARCRY "Kylma Rautainen" digiCD (Excellent mixture of Raw Black Metal mingled with Folk Music).

  • Split CD-R Slaughterhousesabbath/Faeces is out. Two death metal bands, two diffrent looks on brutality. Samples, more info, orders -

    24th of July 2004:

  • - Finally NOMAD’s second full-length entitled "DEMONIC VERSES (Blessed Are Those Who Kill jesus)" has been released! The label is BAPHOMET REC. run by Killjoy known from NECROPHAGIA, WURDULAK, VIKING CROWN and many others. RED STREAM, INC. takes care of worldwide distribution and promotion. So visit them and buy this brutal christ crushing Death Metal! If you want to order the CD straight from us, go to "MERCHANDISE" section!
    - After 10 years of playing, Herman (bass) left the band! New member is Hydrant who is working hard on some new and old stuff.

  • New releases from METAL MIND PROD.:
    SUI GENERIS UMBRA - Amok, LUNA AD NOCTUM - Sempiternal Consecration, VIA MISTICA – Fallen Angels, MOONLIGHT - Audio 136, THY DISEASE - Neurotic World Of Guilt, PROLETARYAT – reissues, ILLUSION - reissues, ELYSIUM - Deadline, AION - One of 5, DEZERTER - Nielegalny zabojca czasu, TSA - reissues ("TSA", "Heavy Metal World", "Rock'n'Roll")
    "SEMPITERNAL CONSECRATION" is a second CD from LUNA AD NOCTUM. This horde executes eccentric, blasphemous, uncompromising, extremely sounding Lunar Black Metal. On the CD one can find uncommon arrangements, deathlike riffing and cold black metal blasting.

  • Bruno, known as a front man of AZARATH, is a new vocalist/bassist of CONVENT!

  • Visit new site of INHUMAN DISTRIBUTION which is also an informative site of CONVENT band! Inhuman Distribution, 22-300 Krasnystaw, ul. Kosciuszki 90, Poland

    is finishing composing some tracks for an upcoming split EP with Greek Black Metal horde TRAGEDY BEGINS.
    Necrolucas joined a Norwegian project - MORD. At Necromorbus Studio they recorded their second demo "Unholy Inquisition". It contains of totally fast black metal combined with old Scandinavian school.
    Trufel of YATTERING replaced D. on guitar. In the meantime "Infernal Blasting" album receives very good reviews (Masterful webzine - 10/10, Thrash 'em All - 11/12, 7 Gates - 666/777, Mega Sin - 9/10, Metal Hammer - 5/5, Metal Heart - 10/10).
    AZARATH‘s discography will be enriched by two special records: limited split w/ WITCHMASTER containing covers of SARCOFAGO, ACHERON, KREATOR, TERRORIZER, DEATH, VENOM... The LP will be released through Agonia Rec. Second one is an another split, this time w/ STILLBORN. It will be entitled "Death Monsters", one can hear AZARATH’s "Promo 2000" there.
    - HERMH
    After 5 years of break HERMH is back with a new mini-CD "Before The Eden - Awaiting The Fire"! It will feature some new songs, new versions of demo tracks and 2 cover songs of BATHORY ("Valhalla") and MAYHEM ("Deathcrush"). Premiere: August 2004.
    The band finished working on an eccentric movie "Intelekt Kollapse".
    STILLBORN is the newest band in Pagan Records. One can know them from demos "Mirrormaze"(1999), "Die In Torment" (2001) and especially "Promo 2004". 3 killer tracks from the latest one, you’ll find on an upcoming split LP w/ AZARATH entitled "Death Monsters" (Time Before Time Records). At the moment the band is working on a new full-length "SATANAS EL GRANDE". It will be probably recorded late summer at Hertz Studio. Release date: Fall 2004.
    New releases from THRONEUM are: 7"EP "Streams of Aggression" (Deathstrike Records), 7"EP "The Last Morgue" (From Beyond Prod.), cassette version of the mini album "Bestial Antihuman Evil" (Devil Worship). Coming soon: "Skullripping Tortures" 7"EP - split w/ BLOODTHIRST, limited CD with demo "Underground Storms Eternally" (Apocalyptor Rec.) and vinyl version of their latest full-length "Mutiny of Death" (Pagan Rec.). Also "Mutiny of Death" T-shirts are available (limited to 100 pieces)!

    - Still fresh releases from Pagan Records:
    AZARATH "Infernal Blasting" (CD/MC)
    ANIMA DAMNATA "Agonizing Journey Through Burning Universe and Transcedental Ritual of Disfiguration" (CD/MC)
    THRONEUM "Mutiny of Death" (CD/MC)
    - Coming soon:
    PROFANUM "Intelekt Kollapse" (DVD)
    ANIMA DAMNATA "Agonizing Journey..." (LP)
    THRONEUM "Mutiny of Death" (LP)

  • Some time ago APRIL ETHEREAL’s second CD entitled "AL AZIF" was released.

  • MORTHIFER recorded new material. Listen to mp3’s and sign their guest book.

  • SATHANAS will be recording a new MCD for Stilldead Prod. at the end of summer. Also the band will be opening for WASP in Pittsburgh, Aug. 12th at Mr. Smalls Theatre and opening for DEICIDE, Sept. 23rd at Mr. Smalls Theatre, too. For info get in contact at

  • OLD TEMPLE proudly presents:
    - split DECEPTION "Holy Deception" / PUTRIDITY "Putrid Deception"
    Split CD of two Polish bands: DECEPTION (death metal) and PUTRIDITY (brutal death metal). Music which has been put on this release is taken from demos of the both bands. PUTRIDITY also put on their part a cover of "Fiend For Blood" from AUTOPSY. The album is released in unconventional way in A5 size. A front cover is printed on a red and thick cardboard. Inside you can find two printed cardboards with an information about the bands. A black CDR with a sticker on a whole surface of the record. Limited to 300 hand numbered and hand made copies. The album is packed in a string bag. Price: 4 € or 5 $

  • SELATERION recorded "DEGRADATION" demo.

  • MESS AGE’s "CRUSHED INSIDE" has been already released through MMP. The album contains 11 songs of mixture between heavy, thrash and death metal. It was produced by Piotr Lukaszewski at Radio Gdansk Studio and Red Studio (VADER), so expect a very professional and powerful sound. Info:

  • PYORRHOEA have just officially signed three-record deal with EMPIRE RECORDS! Their debut album “DESIRE FOR TORMENT” will be released in Poland in August with the 4th issue of “Thrash'em All Magazine”. The Album was recorded and mixed in Hertz Studio, mastering was done by Bartosz Trojanowski. “DESIRE FOR TORMENT” is a specific fusion of death metal with grind core. The album contains 14 songs of incredibly crashing mix of heaviness and brutality.

  • DARZAMAT have started recording their fourth album entitled "SEMIDEVILISH". It will be mixture of black and death metal with some symphonic and dark parts.

  • The fragments of some ENHIRIDION’s songs are available at

    - We're happy to announce another very interesting cult death metal band has signed with CONQUER RECORDS - DEVILYN! Their 4th album is going to be released at the end of September 2004. The new album will be recorded at HERTZ Studio in August. DEVILYN has released two albums on Listenable Records (France) and one on Blackened Records/Plastic Head UK. You will see DEVILYN live on their upcoming European tour with SUPREME LORD in Sept./Oct. 2004
    - SUPREME LORD has been signed to CONQUER RECORDS, too. The first effort of this deal is their first full-length album "X99.9" - old underground school of powerful, extreme death metal - that will include 8 pieces (1. X99.9 kill your enemies, 2. Nail him, 3. Death Metal Beast, 4. Terrorzone, 5. Flashback, 6. Hegemony5, 7. Dark heresies, 8. Traitors corpse) plus re-mastered demo for 1995 year "At the Black Moon Night" and 2 video to "Death Metal Beast" and "Terrorzone". SUPREME LORD was founded in 1991 by Reyash who was also involved in Christ Agony (and now member of Witchmaster). Line up: V-told-o (drums), Shymon (guitars), Reyash (bass/vocal), Pablo (guitars)

    Most devastating split ever released on Polish scene!!! ANTIGAMA comes with six absolute new songs of intelligent, super-tech, perfect mind-boggling schiz grind. THIRD DEGREE's last recordings performed with old line-up provide brutal, rapid and intense grind core rage done under enormous influence of recent Napalm Death albums. HERMAN RAREBELL hands round most extreme and ultra fast grind core blast. An ear bleeding sickness!!!
    - CATHETER / FUBAR split CD
    Long awaited split 7" between Japanese veterans UNHOLY GRAVE and Polish leading grind core team THIRD DEGREE finally saw the daylight. Unholy Grave plays on its side seven unreleased songs recorded in 1999 and remixed in 2002. Simply savage and furious grind core. Third Degree put 5-song recording from 2002, tight, fast and brutal grind core influenced by latest Napalm Death albums. Limited to 500 so act fast or suffer.
    - MY MINDS MINE "48 Reasons To Leave This Planet" CD

  • If you are into Carcass, Meshuggah and Pantera you can download METHOD’s demo -

  • British BLACKDOOM RECORDS run by guys of MY DYING BRIDE has signed to Polish INDREAD COLD. Congratulations!

  • UNHOLY GHOST is a new band featuring DIABOLIC founding members Aantar Lee Coates (drums), Paul Ouellette (bass/vox), Jerry Mortellaro (guitars) and PESSIMIST founder/guitarist Kelly McLauchlin. They already have debut CD "Torrential Reign" released through OLYMPIC/CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS

  • INHUMATE’s 4th full-length album "LIFE" is out for 5 months already!

  • THRONEUM's “Streams Of Aggression” 7"EP comes with a gatefold cover and is limited to 666 copies! 3 new studio songs + a SARCOFAGO cover of "Ready to Fuck"! Write for wholesale prices and possible trades!
    THRONEUM play some sadistik Black/Death metal comparable to bands like ORDER FROM CHAOS, ABHORER and are heavily influenced of old thrash metal and the Brazilian scene.

  • BART GABRIEL DRAGONIGHT AGENCY & HEAVY METAL HUNTERS FC POLAND presents METALIZER - the only free fanzine in Poland dedicated to REAL METAL!!! Available each 2 weeks in 2000 copies in music stores, pubs and mail orders, also available online!!! 4 A4 printed pages filled with small fonts - interviews, reviews, news and more!

  • EMETH's first full CD "Insidious" will be officially released on June 30th on BRUTAL BANDS

  • New Polish "U-BMT 0966 'zine" is looking for materials for their #1. Bands playing Black/Death/Thrash/Grind are more than welcome.
    Address: Wojciech Krenski, Wiejska 7/35, 14-202 Ilawa, Poland,

  • Polish SAMMATH NAUR has signed to REDRUM666 REC.! There’s going to be "The Forever War" album, reissue of "The Wall of Sleep" demo and a brand new CD released.

  • New GODHATE website online - - check out the new design + some new pages like biography, personal info etc.
    New merchandise - two new designs to choose between. Look out for the nasty 4 coloured Godhate t-shirt as well as a new two coloured design.

    21st of July 2003:

  • The new DIVINE RAPTURE album called "The Burning Passion" will be released by Listenable Records in Fall 2003! DIVINE RAPTURE is very excited about joining the Listenable Team as they have the reputation for extreme hard work and substance that will bring this record to a new level. Label mates include NY Death Metal Giants Immolation as well as Centurian, Vile, Aborted and many others! Expect a new wave of the brutality and progressive melody you've come to know from Divine Rapture.

  • Visit new NEVRASTEMIA website It's a brand new Death metal band from Poland. You can download MP3's coming from their "Grinding All Made Of Flesh" promo.

  • The video of "The Fading" from the album "Kaddish" was uploaded on SALEM's website and is available for download. The video was broadcasted on MTV's "Headbanger's Ball" and was the first Israeli video to appear at the program!

    - Basque Country's ultra brutal death grinders Forensick has signed a deal with Necromance Records for a full length work scheduled for mid 2004. Now the band is focusing their efforts on writing new sick material, faster, more brutal and technical than ever and people that listeend to their new songs liked them very much.
    - IMBRUE, the band from Albacete (Spain) will enter a recording studio late July 2003 or early August 2003 to record their first full length CD entitled "Cado Datur Verbs"; tentative release date is set to September 2003. Expect a massive, twisted and technical Brutal Death Metal album.
    - The first reviews to the first album of spanish ANTROPOMORFIA have been mainly really good. This CD have been very well accepted by fans of Old School Brutal Death in the vein of BROKEN HOPE, GORGUTS and MORTICIAN. Remember that you can download a track from the album in our website.

    13th of July 2003:

    - NOMAD is proud to be a member of NOISENATION - an "artistic action" run by SWEET NOISE! The competition was very big
    - The band still cannot find Polish label to release "DEMONIC VERSES (Blessed Are Those Who Kill Jesus)" album here. But the CD will be soon world-wide available thanks to cult BAPHOMET REC. (USA) run by Killjoy! For the time being you can download some tracks in MP3-format
    - The guys have already re-arranged 4 songs from their 1996 demo "DISORDER", prepared 2 cover-songs: "In Love" from GRAVE and "IX" from BULLDOZER and one brand new track

  • The mighty HERMH have reactivated!

  • First official release from Polish legendary grind band - EPITOME - is entitled "supeROTic performance". It contains demo "autoe'ROT'icism" and 7 brand new songs. There's MORTICIAN cover-song "Zombie Apocalypse"! CONQUER REC.

  • Both actual releases of Slovak hyperblasting brutal death metal band NOMENMORTIS, the CD "THE DAY YOU'LL LOSE YOUR HEAD" (33:18, 10 tracks, 6/2002, Dreamfog Musick, Mexico) and MCD "MISANTHRONE" (17:10, 5 tracks, 8/2002, Downfall Records, Sweden) are available also on the band's address (below, inform yourself by e-mail before sending the well-hidden cash) for 10 USD (CD), resp. 7 USD (MCD) (world, including recommended airmail) or for 10 EUR (CD), 7 USD (MCD) (Europe, incl. recommended airmail).
    Speaking about the band's news, there's a new line-up since 2/2002, consisting of Martin (vocals), Adam (guitars, backing vocals), Funes (bass guitars) and Mato (drums). The band is currently interesting to play the shows and festivals not only in Slovakia and Czech republics, but also in other countries.
    The next full-length album was recorded in March 2003. Expect even more extreme stuff, maybe something like hyperblasting brutal death-grind. The title is "EXTERMINATING THE BASTARD FORCES", contains 10 songs + intro and outro, with titles like "Beyond The Landscape Of Dreaming Mind", "Enemyslayer/Bloodfreezing Warcry of N'De", "Scourged Into Abyssic Firewhirls" or "1598 - Christmas With The Deathriders". All new stuff is already playing live.
    The band's address: Martin Lukac, Lomonosovova 2, 040 01 Kosice, SLOVAKIA,

  • TIME BEFORE TIME RECORDS is honoured to announce 2 new releases on might pro-done TAPE format:
    #death10 - DAMNATION (Pol) "Demonstration Of Evil" MC ltd. 333 (first demo '93 and previously unreleased rehearsal '94 of this kult satanic Death Metal band)
    #death11 - SUPREME LORD (Pol) / CHTON (Nor) "Two Tales Of Terror" MC ltd 333 ("Death Metal Beast" promo '03 of SUPREME LORD and "Chton" demo '02 of CHTON. Evil Death Metal for maniacs of Luciferion, Vital Remains & Asphyx! SUPREME LORD feat. members of Witchmaster and ex-Christ Agony, CHTON feat. members of Manes)

  • Dark ASH DEVILI returns! Żurek (ex-CHRIST AGONY) is their drummer!

  • SUHRIM is a brutal death metal band from Belgium. Their released debut CD "Unidentified Flying Bodyparts" in 2001 on Hybreed Records. Now they are looking for a new label to release a mini CD entitled "Old scars, fresh wound" which was recorded last year.

  • LUX OCCULTA, one of the most successful extreme metal acts ever to emerge from the Polish soil, stated that they are stopping activities for good! In the meanwhile their 4th full-length effort achieved the excellent mark of 7.5/10 in the leading UK extreme metal magazine Terrorizer!

  • ANTARES (heavy metal) has changed its line-up once again. Old vocalist, Jarek, has returned and there are keyboards instead of 2nd guitar!

  • Darkland Records has just released a brand new LP version of NEGURA BUNGET debut album "ZIRNINDU-SA" (originally released by Bestial Records on tape version and Breath of Night Records on CD). It's released as a 500 copies limited edition, so if you're interested in getting one, act fast! It's available for 15 EUR/$.

  • METAL MIND PRODUCTIONS proudly presents: VIA MISTICA "Testamentum (In Hora Mortis Nostre)" (doom/gothic) and TENEBROSUS "The Fall of Worthless Morals" (black metal)

  • Ron Vento (Aurora Borealis) has just opened a NEW Professional Recording facility in Maryland comprising of a 1500 sq ft industrial building. This studio specializes in death and black metal. NIGHTSKY Studios offers 124 tracks of all digital fully automated PRO TOOLS recording, boasts 12 foot tracking ceilings as well as 2 isolation booths and amplifier room all on floating floors. Please, visit for more information or email

  • If you are interested in a professional mastering, mixes, re-mixes etc. do not hesitate to get in touch

  • The next release of BUTCHERY MUSIC will be Polish Death Metal band DEIVOS with its "Hostile Blood" CD. Style: Death Metal a'la VADER & DECAPITATED.

  • American Deus Mortuus Productions together with Mexican Embrace My Funeral Records has unleashed very brutal "3-way split CD" with New York's TOMORROW'S VICTIM, PERVERSE (Poland) and MOULDED FLESH (Poland). It's 12 tracks (almost 30 minutes) of total extreme!

    12th of May 2003:

    - The band is still looking for a record deal. At the moment we're negotiating with a few record labels to release our latest effort entitled "DEMONIC VERSES (Blessed Are Those Who Kill Jesus)". Maybe vinyl edition will be out, too! If you are interested in releasing the album, do not hesitate to get in touch.
    - The band would like to play before audience to present their new, brutal stuff, so gig organizers are more than welcome!
    - NOMAD is preparing cover-songs of "In Love" from "INTO THE GRAVE" GRAVE and title track from "IX" BULLDOZER!
    - The band has just composed 2 brand new songs, a.o. re-arranged "I'm Waiting For The Wind" coming from their debut demo - "DISORDER"! The guys are going to record the songs soon for an EP. By the way, they would check another recording studio. We'd like to remind you that up to date they entered such studios as: Salman (DAMNABLE, SQUASH BOWELS), Selani (VADER, CHRIST AGONY), Alkatraz and Hendrix (BEHEMOTH, DEVILYN)!

    - No questions, no doubt. New DISSENTER's record is going to be one of the best releases in 2003! Polish release date of "Contamination" 25th of May.
    - In the end of this year (probably in November) European part of "Empire Invasion Tour 2003" will take place. The tour is a result of cooperation between Metallysee Agency and Empire Records. For European fans it will be an opportunity to see on stage DIES IRAE, DECAPITATED, LOST SOUL, ESQARIAL among others. More details soon.
    - TRAUMA spent over 250 hours at Hertz Studio recording their new effort "Unperfect Like A God". Both the band and the producers are totally shocked with the results of that session. The album will be released in November, but traditionally we can promise you some songs to download from Empire's website before the release. On December the band will play a tour through Poland with other bands from Empire Records.
    - ESQARIAL brand new album "Esqarial Classics" will be recorded with guest appearance of Grzegorz Kupczyk (CETI, TURBO)! Grzegorz is responsible for main vocal parts and musical part of the album bases on famous themes from classic music. It will be a sensational album, we are sure!
    - NEPHASTH is preparing for their first headlining tour through Brazil. The tour is booked by Tumba Records and we have some dates, here they are: 30/05 - Brasília/DF, 01/06 - Belém/PA, 06/06 - Sao Luiz/MA, 07/06 - Teresina/PI, 13/06 - Natal/RN, 14/06 - Fortaleza/CE, 20/06 - Joao Pessoa/PB, 21/06 - Recife/PE, 22/06 - Caruaru/PE, 27/06 - Maceió/AL, 28/06 - Salvador/BA, 29/06 - Feira de Santana/BA. Their new album "Conceived By Inhuman Blood" will be out in July.
    - On 4th of June VADER is going to play in Israel for the first time. Vader will play one show at the "Hangar 24" in "Rishon lezion" (near Tel-Aviv) - Israel on the 4.6.03 at 20:00, opening bands: AZAZEL, SHWORCHTSE CHAYE. For tickets and other details: "Metalist productions", Oron: 054939494, Yagel:067280666,
    - On 17th of April VADER played on prestigious Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo, Norway and 19th of April on Swedish Motala Metal Festival. Both festivals were successful for the band and there are some plans for additional shows in Scandinavia including Finland, from where VADER has got a proposal to record their show for a TV channel.
    - On 25th of April, Friday starts VADER's "Shock and Awe Tour 2003" through Europe. The tour comprises 25 shows and VADER will be supported by DERANGED, ARKHON INFAUSTUS and ARISE. First gig of the tour in German "Live Arena", Munster, close to Obersdorf.

  • SEASON OF MIST is very proud to announce the signing of GREEN CARNATION! The title of the new album will be "The Writings on the Wall"

  • South Korean KMD licensed from MMP THY DISEASE's debut entitled "DEVILISH ACT OF CREATION"

  • Metal Mind Productions have prepared excellent albums i.e. third full-length from ELYSIUM (melodic death metal in vein of Dark Tranquility, In Flames and At The Gates) entitled "FEEDBACK" and DEVILYN "THE PAST AGAINST THE FUTURE". One can find there unreleased and rare tracks i.e. 1994 demo recorded under old moniker Cerebral Concussion, promo 2000 with Inferno of Behemoth behind the drums (!), cover Carcass "Heartwork" and videoclip to "Reborn in Pain" song!

  • THRONEUM "BESTIAL ANTIHUMAN EVIL" MCD was just released by Japanese Weird Truth Prod. This newest material of these Polish hellbangers brings the most raw, extreme and ugly Metal onslaught you ever heard from this band! 5 tracks in vein of Necrovore, Blasphemy, Imperator and Bestial Warlust! NOT FOR WIMPS!!! Price: 7USD. Check out a promo mp3 on "Bestial Antihuman Evil" is available also for wholesale prices & trades in TIME BEFORE TIME RECORDS

  • The new AISLING's MCD "TRATH NA GAOTH" is finally available

    16th of November 2002:

  • Heter (guitar) has left DISSENTER (brutal death) which recorded very good "APOCALYPSE OF THE DAMNED" album (COLD BLOOD INDUSTRIES REC.)! Actually the band is rehearsing with new guitarist and working on brand new stuff to be recorded in the beginning of 2003

    COLOUR TRIP - "Kill My Super Ego"
    Arctic Music Group will release COLOUR TRIP's 4th album "Kill My Super Ego" in the US, Canada, and Australia. "Kill My Super Ego" was produced by Siggi Bemm (Tiamat, The Gathering, Grip Inc.) at Woodhouse Studios in Germany. The US release will also contain a video clip that the band made for the track "Cut-Up/Fold-In". "Kill My Super Ego" delivers aggressive dynamics, creating a ferocious and intense blend of modern hardcore and new school metal. COLOUR TRIP's new album is guaranteed to please both headbangers and hardcore pit fiends. In other news, COLOUR TRIP recently joined forces with drummer Gary Williams from the New England hardcore band 5 SECONDS EXPIRED. The band is currently working on pre-production for the follow-up album to "Kill My Super Ego", scheduled to be released by Arctic Music Group in 2003.
    ETERNAL LIES - "Spiritual Deception"
    The musical style of ETERNAL LIES is best described as a mixture of traditional Scandinavian Death Metal and the melodies and harmonies that redefined Swedish metal in the late 1990's. Brutal and aggressive drums parts, thundering guitars, combined with precision, speed, and versatility create a brutal sonic assault that will soon establish ETERNAL LIES as one of the leading bands in the sheer endless realm of Swedish metal. With skill, precision, and sheer outbursts of brutality, the debut album "Spiritual Deception" will leave a lasting impression on headbangers and Death Metal fanatics alike. The band was also voted Best New Band in Close-Up, one of Sweden's biggest and most prestigious metal magazines.
    HOMO IRATUS - "Knowledge - Their Enemy"
    Following their highly successful debut album "Human Consumes Human", HOMO IRATUS are back with their second strike "Knowledge…Their Enemy", an EP containing 3 new tracks, a cover version of Sepultura's "Roots Bloody Roots", and 2 full-length videos. This is also the first HOMO IRATUS release with interim vocalist Thomas Bairachtaris, filling in for Mitch who decided to leave the band in February of 2001. Named Number 1 Greek Death Metal band by Metal Hammer/Greece in 2001 - HOMO IRATUS is extreme metal at its best. Ultra-fast grind parts and Death Metal attacks will take you to a new dimension of aggressive brutality. The band is currently working on the second full-length album, which will be released by Arctic Music Group in 2003.
    CELEBRATUM - "Mirrored Revelation"
    CELEBRATUM represents the new breed of Norwegian Black Metal, mixing Scandinavian Black Metal with Heavy Metal and prog-rock influences. CELEBRATUM successfully merge their native Black Metals roots with 1980's metal harmonies to create a chilling, raw, and intense atmosphere. Crushing dual guitar runs, blasting drum beats, and a vocalist who screams with brutal fury blend into a demonic atmosphere that will send cold shivers down your spine. The debut album "Mirrored Revelation" was produced by Tommy Tätgren at Abyss Studios/Sweden.
    All titles available at all good metal stores everywhere!!! Or order online at the Arctic Music website. Wholesale prices are also available, contact Scott Hecker at for wholesale prices.

  • New version of CARNAL's webiste is already on-line:

    CARPATHIAN FOREST - "Defending the Throne of Evil" (Black Metal)
    CARPATHIAN FOREST's album "Defending the Throne of Evil" will be released on the 17th of March 2003. Season of Mist felt it necessary to push this release, since CF's anniversary album "We are going to Hell for This" is just in the stores. With only three new studio songs (all others are either covers or re-recordings) the latter can be considered as a warming up for the full-length studio album: "Defending the Throne of Evil". Prepare yourselves! "Defending the Throne of Evil" was recorded in Sound Suite Studio, France, together with producer Terje Refsnes and will be the first full length of all new CARPATHIAN FOREST material in over 3 years!
    NECROPHAGIA - "Devine Art of Torture" (Black Metal)
    NECROPHAGIA found a new full time drummer in Titta Tani of Italian gods Daemonia (Claudio Simonetti's band). The line up is now complete and stable! The band is currently recording in Norway, NECROPHAGIA's upcoming album "Devine Art of Torture" is scheduled for release the 17th of February 2003. So far we can reveal that the album will contain nine songs. Its cover will feature a graphic painting of Coffin Joe torturing two females: one lying down with spiders all over her and the other chained to a dungeon wall with shackles.
    THE OLD DEAD TREE - "The Nameless Disease"
    THE OLD DEAD TREE entered the studio as well, to record their debut album "The Nameless Disease". The first two weeks will be spent with Stephan May for the recording of the drums and bass. While THE OLD DEAD TREE will work with Andy Classen (Holy Moses, Krisiun, Rotting Christ, etc.) for the recording of the vox and guitars. Andy will also mix and master "The Nameless Disease". This Goth album will be in stores the 17th of March.
    Season of Mist, 24, rue Brandis, 13005 Marseille, FRANCE Tel ++33 0]4 91 83 03 08, Mobile ++ 33 0]6 82 32 62 53, Fax ++33 0]4 91 80 00 37

    Finally…yes…we can say finally!!! After so many delays beyond our control the worldwide critically acclaimed second full length effort "Martyrialized" of Portuguese metal blasters MALEVOLENCE is now available for all cult vinyl freaks as a picture disc under exclusive license to the Norwegian label APOCALYPTIC EMPIRE RECORDS. This cult vinyl version is limited only to 500 copies and according to the owner of the label there are just a few left at this moment. The picture disc can be ordered directly by submitting 15€ (Europe), $16USD (World) or 120NOK (Norway). For additional information on how to get this masterpiece you can contact the label by writing to the following address: Apocalyptic Empire Records - P.O.Box 9 - 7501 Stjordal - Norway.
    "The Mother and the Enemy" - fourth album for the Polish groundbreaking act LUX OCCULTA is now completely available from this day forward at via digital transmission for the world. You can check our partner section in order to browse throughout their site to get this fantastic piece of music by including the name of the band or the name of our label on their very accurate search mechanisms. Go for it now to get high quality downloads!!!
    As we have promised some time ago we have recently updated a full mp3 for the mind-blowing debut album of Canadian act KRALIZEC unto our site. Please browse throughout our Download Center section and you will find in there the superb advance promotional track Oceano Nox included on their upcoming debut album titled "Origin". The band has already found a new vocalist and plan to reveal the name of Benjamin's replacement in a few days so keep your eyes unto this page and enjoy the free mp3 we are offering you now!
    Carlos Cariano (vocals/guitarist) of Portuguese metal blasters Malevolence is actually contributing with his terrorising skills to overcome with extreme lyrical content and vocals on the Portuguese industrial metal project ANGEL. Tracks such as Colonize and We Work The Bloody Work are just 2 of the songs set to appear on the next studio recording of this awesome project. Joaquim Aires (ex-Sacred Sin - ex-Disaffected) is the mentor of this project that has already release a studio work back on year 2000 including the participation of Fernando Ribeiro of Moonspell. Expect a few more developments on this project and contact the mentor if you wish to know more information on it.
    Contrary to what was advanced previously, DEVILEECH are not going to record their 2nd album in Fredman Studios in Sweden during 2003. The band needs a more powerful and distinct sound and new chances for recording studios include at the time you read this Woodhouse Studios in Germany (The Kovenant, Tiamat, Morgoth, Moonspell, Rotting Christ…) and Soundsuite Studios in France (Morgul, Tristania, Destroyer666, Gehenna…) but nothing is yet concrete on that field. In the meanwhile the band has overcome and completed material for 3 new songs under the titles Downward Spiral - 7 Teen and Ranging Hormones. The new tracks are set to appear on the upcoming 2nd album of the band titled Deviant along with others such as: Achromatic Impetus - 30 Seconds Intercourse - Just Like Dogs - Blood, Sweat and Sperm - The Call of Flesh and Slackness. A metal monster it will be!
    666 - The number of the metal beast! 666 - The first official web site of the MALEVOLENT beast! Under this moniker Malevolence is actually working out web solutions with professional designer Hernani Francisco to overcome with their first ever-official web site on the net. The site will include up-to-the-minute news on the developing of their eagerly much anticipated 3rd album as well as accurate information about the band you cannot find anywhere else. The site appears as a concrete web solution after massive demanding of many fans from all over the world. You should expect anything short of amazing from these metal beasts. Prepare your soul to worship the 666 - The number of the malevolent beast!

  • Polish band THY DISEASE recorded its 2nd full-length entitled "COLD SKIN OBSESSION" out on Metal Mind Productions. The album consists of 7 brand new songs, cover-version of DEATH's "Without Judgement" and instrumental version of "The Last Of The Mohicans" main theme. One can find also videoclip to "Perfect Form"!

  • After 11 years of existence CORRUPTION has signed with Metal Mind Productions. "PUSSYWORLD" features 12 stoner songs in the vein of KYUSS, BLACK SABBATH etc. As bonus tracks you'll find cover-versions of Black Sabbath and Deep Purple songs!

  • SPAWN REBIRTH zine no. 8 is finally out!!! 132 pro-printed A5 pages written in Czech lang. Prices: Euro 4 (Europe), $6 (overseas), postpaid. For more info check out:

  • PERVERSE has just returned from shows in Germany, Belgium and Netherlands. The shows were good and the band sold many CD's and T-shirts. PERVERSE was also invited to many festivals in 2003. Next year PERVERSE will visit SWITZERLAND again where the band will play three shows and one of them will be with the mighty NAPALM DEATH! Till the end of this year PERVERSE will play gigs in Poland and Germany. New CD entitled "BLUNT OF STENCH" is out now by Japanese ECLIPSE RECORDS. If anybody is interested in a trade, distribution, buying their CD's or T-shirts, please get in touch with the band at or directly with ECLIPSE RECORDS:

  • Just a few months after RUNEMAGICK's massive release of their 4th strike "Requiem of the Apocalypse", they are back with a new work, but this time ONLY for the fans and followers! "MOON OF THE CHAOS ECLIPSE" is limited to 1000 copies on CD and 300 copies on a great picture vinyl 10", and the preorders are already storming in! Be fast to obtain YOUR copy!

    CUDGEL AGENCY has just released the debut CD of the German death/grind horde TEARS Of DECAY. Expect fast and intense US-styled brutal death metal, on this CD also hidden track and two live video-clips are added
    The just released CD "LIVE-REINCARNATION-GROUND ZERO" of THE SIXTH INCUBATOR (with Chris Mummelthey /ex-INCUBATOR/) will be from now on distributed by Cudgel Agency, this CD is strictly limited to 500 copies
    The German deathers of PROFANITY split up with the label. This was done with the agreement of both sides in a friendly way
    The German grinders of DEPRESSION have just finished the recording session for the upcoming vinyl 7"EP with the gore grinders of GONORRHOEACTION. Cudgel Agency is going to release a split vinyl 7''EP of ROTTEN SOUND and MASTIC SCUM too, which have recorded 4 tracks for this piece, ROTTEN SOUND will appear with 4 excellent recorded live songs

    Divine Rapture has recently entered Ron Vento's Nightsky studios in Clinton, MD to record "The Burning Passion". They have been scrutinizing minuscule details to bring about an album of tight crushing brutality. Sessions ran smoothly and tracking is complete. The album is currently in mix-down. Be sure to check out the latest release from Ron's band, Aurora Borealis ( featuring Tim Yeung on drums.
    There are new interviews for Nihilistic Holocaust in France and Skullcrusher Zine in Ohio with J.J. and a new forum response from Mike posted in the news section of There are a bunch of new reviews coming up and DR will soon be heard on additional radio stations in Greece and Brazil and has recently been added into rotation on The Metal Attack in Cincinnati, Ohio. Additional interviews are in the works, so check for details
    The long-awaited Morbid Angel tribute entitled "Tyrants from the Abyss" has been released on Necropolis Records in the U.S. and Hellspawn Records of Sweden and is available today!
    Divine Rapture, P.O. Box 159, Chester Heights, PA 19017 USA,

  • TIME BEFORE TIME Records proudly presents:
    VOMITOR (Australia) "Violent Grave" tape with Bestial rehearsal Armageddon! Just for maniacs, poseurs will bleed till death! Die! Limited to 200 copies!
    GRAVEWURM (USA) "Ancient Storms Of War" tape - a cassette version of Gravewurm's debut album released by Barbarian Wrath. Total Darkness! Limited to 200 copies!
    Soon: SARGATANAS (Mex) "Live 2001" tape - unholy live celebration of these Metal gods! Truest Underground Evil in Purest Fucking Form! Limited to 333 copies! Every tape is available for 5 Euro (Europe) / 6 USD (World). Preorder all TBT's tapes for only 10 Euro / 12 USD now! Well hidden cash send to: Tomasz Hanuszkiewicz, P.O. Box 66, 41-923 Bytom, Poland

  • ENTER CHAOS newsletter:
    The band has got new guitarist, Szymon Czech, known as a member of such bands as NYIA, Third Degree, Prophecy and also as sound engineer at Selani Studio.
    It's very possible that Henri Sorvali (keyboardplayer of Finntroll, Moonsorrow and The Wicked) appears on the new album!
    An interview with Marta (vocals) will appear in the book "Females In Extreme Music" by Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy.

  • EXMORTEM news:
    "PESTILENCE EMPIRE" will be released on the 25th of November (CD and LP) through Osmose Productions! Expect a darker and more obscure album. The sound is more natural and raw, we have moved away from the very clinical/triggered sound that so many Death Metal bands use these days! Still every instrument comes through loud and clear! Everyone that has heard it so far has praised it even more than the last album and we have indeed high expectations with this bastard!!!
    A completely new website will be launched as well on the 25th of November! It will be packed with lots of new pictures, MP3's, merchandise and other über-nice stuff!…
    Osmose Productions will soon launce a very limited amount (50 copies!!) of Exmortem logo TS/HSW. These will only be available trough the Osmose mailorder!!

    Extreme Blast Festival
    On 23.11.02 Damnable plays on Extreme Blast Festival in Kosice (SK) together with: Symphony Of Destruction (SK), Sarcom (CZ), Nomenmortis (SK), Deflorace (CZ), Alienation Mental (CZ)
    Damnable on Soul Grinding Festival III
    Third edition of Soul Grinding Festival will take place on 22.02.2003 in Strasbourg (France). Bands: SUPPOSITORY (NL), MAGGOTS (NL), DAMNABLE (POL), PREJUDICE (B), CROPMENT (CH), MENTAL AMPUTATION (D), VICTIM (D), MEATKNIFE (D) and local support. This festival is a part of mini-tour with Meatknife. Others gigs are:
    20.02. - Gandawa (Belgium)
    21.02 - Leer (Germany)
    23.02. - Pfaffikon (Szwitzerland)
    Info about Soul Grinding Festival:
    "Grind Tour de Pologne II"
    During 25.04.03 - 04.05.03 Damnable will grind on "Grind Tour de Pologne II" together with Squash Bowels, Epitome and Deformed. Plan:
    25.04.03 - Wroclaw "Rocker"
    26.04.03 - Krakow
    27.04.03 - Rzeszow "Le Greco"
    28.04.03 - Sucha Beskidzka "Remont"
    29.04.03 - Lublin
    30.04.03 - Warszawa "Przestrzen Grafenberga"
    01.05.03 - Gdansk "Rudy Kot"
    02.05.03 - TBA
    03.05.03 - TBA
    04.05.03 - TBA
    "Completely Sick" Europe Tour 2003!
    European tour of Damnable will be from 07.03.03 to 28.03.03, Damnable will be supporting Lividity and Deranged.
    Damnable on Mountain of Death Festival 2003
    There's a gig confirmed on Mountains of Death festival in Switzerland. More info at:,

  • SOUND RIOT RECORDS have just signed with Norwegian GAIA EPICUS (Melodic Power Metal)! "SATRAP" album is scheduled to be released in January 2003.

  • RADEMASSAKER is brutal old school Death Metal for real freaks! Check out:

  • ACHERON news:
    ACHERON's long awaited mcd/mlp "Xomaly" is now out! It was just released in Europe on WARLORD RECORDS from Italy. The first pressing is hand stamped and numbered. Distributors, Labels and Stores interested in carrying "Xomaly" can contact Alex at WARLORD RECORDS. Check out their site at:
    A collection of cover songs will be released in the upcoming ACHERON album "Tribute to the Devil's Music" on BLACK LOTUS RECORDS from Greece. The album will include covers of BLACK SABBATH, VENOM, BATHORY, CELTIC FROST, MERCYFUL FATE, JUDAS PRIEST, KISS, MOTORHEAD, IRON MAIDEN, KREATOR, DEATH and a different version of ACHERON's classic "Ave Satanas". Release date is scheduled for February 2003.
    SEPULCHRAL NOISE ZINE from Norway is back! And they are better than ever. The new issue features an ACHERON interview with Vincent Crowley. Check them out. E-mail for info:
    Sign the ACHERON guestbook at:
    ACHERON frontman Vincent Crowley has started his own "Live Journal" on-line to share his views, ranks and raves of insanity. Check it out at (Username: DERWOLFEN)
    ACHERON, P.O. BOX 28234, COLUMBUS, OH, 43228, USA

  • On 28th of October Metal Mind Productions re-released 2 first CD's of Polish DARZAMAT ("In the Flames of Black Art" and "In the Opium of Black Veil"). The albums are re-mastered and enriched with bonus tracks. MMP is going to release DARZAMAT's brand new album entitled "Oniriad".

  • Split CD of GERBE OF LIFE and REPUDIATE (both are French bands) is released on SKULL FUCKED PROD.. GERBE OF LIFE will crush your face with 11 tracks of fast and furious grinding death, REPUDIATE will make your ears bleed with 6 tracks of pure death blasting fucking metal. `Get this album for 12 $ or 12 € (world - post paid).

    WITCHMASTER "Sex, Drugs & Satan" 7"EP - six degenerated, lustful hymns previously known as "No peace At All" demo holocaust Anno Bastardi 1997 now pressed into a 7 inch slab of black vinyl, limited to 333 copies. Slaughtering Black Thrash Fetish Metal Attack! Available right Now as normal 7" (300 copies) and special edition consisting of the 7"EP, a small leather whip, sticker and other crap, all packaged into a black plastic bag (33 copies, must be reserved before purchasing). Get your copy for 7 Euro / USD (regular edition) or 12 Euro / USD (special Edition).
    NON OPUS DEI "Diabolical Metal" MC'02 - Mad, technical Black - 5 Euro / USD
    THRONEUM "Anti Life Celebration" (Sluts Of Hell) MC'02 -low quality live stuff, a must for Beherit's bootlegs maniacs - 4 Euro / USD
    THRONEUM "Old Death's Lair" MC'02 - Old School Black Death Thrash in the vein of Mayhem, Order From Chaos, Asphyx, Nifelheim, Dark Throne - 5 Euro / USD
    MaleficiuM, Radoslaw Szastok, P.O. Box 60, 30-041 Krakow 16, Poland,

    7th of April 2002:

  • DAMNABLE's album "COMPLETELY DEVOTED" is out! The CD contains 12 audio tracks and 4 video tracks coming from "Fuck The Commerce IV". Label: CUDGEL AGENCY/Mad Lion Rec. More info and MP3: or If you're interested in buying the CD get in touch: In May '02 DAMNABLE has celebrated its 10th anniversary. On this occasion DYWIZJIA KOT has released 2CD-album containing all releases the group recorded so far.

  • CEREBRAL TURBULENCY from Czech Rep. has 3rd album "IMPENETRABLE" out!

  • - there you can find some high quality tracks in MP3 section. BLIND SLIME members will soon record new material for their side project PSYCHOTROPIC TRANSCENDENTAL with roots in Ministry/Alchemist/Kyuss/put any industrial/folk/shit band here.

  • Polish progressive occult black metal act LUX OCCULTA some time ago finished with the recording of their fourth full-length effort, their debut for Maquiavel Music Entertainment. Entitled "THE MOTHER AND THE ENEMY" the album is a 'pretty brave experiment'. Excellent thing for maniacs of trip hop and jazz! Travis Smith (Opeth, Death, Katatonia, Nevermore) did the cover art for the album.

  • The Official Reign of CORPUS CHRISTII is:

  • REST IN PEACE REC. & DRAGONIGHT AGENCY in cooperation with AGONIA mag. proudly presents two fists of an old heavy metal faith, raised in the air: METALUCIFER "Heavy Metal Chainsaw" - 2nd album of the Japanese NWOBHM worshippers & SKULLVIEW "Consequences Of Failure" - 3rd incredible album of these U.S. Metal warriors! For more information contact:, (DRAGONIGHT AGENCY) or

  • New demo-CD of heavy metal ANTARES (Poland) - "RUN AWAY" MCD 2001 is still available. The material is professionally released!

  • Under the address: you'll find ETERNAL DEFORMITY's brand new song - "HS42 (New Weapon)" coming from "THE SERPENT DESIGN" material

  • METAL ACTION is looking for international heavy and true metal (only this two kind of music) unsigned bands to be part of "METAL ACTION VOLUME 3 COMPILATION". Send your promo material to: Thierry Boyer, 13, Res. Les Hautes Plaines, 91940 Les Ulis, France.

  • DARKSIDE's "COGNITIVE DISSONANCE" CD (Season Of Mist) is out. Check it out!

  • Reach for ROOT's latest album - "BLACK SEAL". More info at:

  • CONQUER REC. news:
    IMMEMORIAL's "MONOLOGUE" CD is out now! All fans of Death Metal should get this album recorded at Selani Studio (a.o. VADER, BEHEMOTH, DECAPITATED, YATTERING, TRAUMA).
    The label signed with MESS AGE for releasing "SELF CONVICTED" CD, too.
    APRIL ETHEREAL will enter Green Studio on the 1st of July 2002 in order to record "AL AZIF", their second album. "Al Azif" will be recorded with a real drummer and a real bass player, the drums will be recorded acoustically (without d-drum), analog mixing and analog mastering will give "Al Azif" the best sound possible. As guest appearances on the album, there will be Beldaroh from the Polish black metal horde Besatt and Peter from the Polish doom metal band Eternal Tear, who will record clean vocals on one song.
    HELL-BORN, after their USA tour which was a month ago, is going to record new album "THE CALL OF MEGIDDO'' on the 1st of July 2002 at Hertz Studio in Bialystok, Poland.

  • APOCALYPSE PROD. has released the debut material of NEWBREED - "The New Way of Human Existence". It contains 53 minutes of various music.

  • Split CD of MASTECTOMIA (Pol - brutal death/grind) / MIXOMATOSIS (Spa - gore/grind) is finally out! Distributors! Contact Mikael of Downfall Rec. (P.O. Box 12009, SE 402 41 Goteborg, Sweden, e-mail: You can also contact members of MASTECTOMIA:

  • In the beginning of 2002 SACRED SIN has started to write new songs. The next album being already their fifth full-length release, had recordings scheduled for March and it should be out before summer. The new album, entitled "HEKATÓN" is inspired from myths and legends of Atlantis. It should be the fastest and most brutal release from the band so far. Very soon you can listen to some of this new songs from the pre-production, just go the band's website:

  • The legendary SALEM has recorded a brand new album "COLLECTIVE DEMISE" for KMG/SYSTEM SHOCK! The worldwide release date has been set for September.

  • The legendary HM gods - VIRGIN STEELE - have their official Polish website:

  • ECLIPSE's "THE ACT OF DEGRADATION" 2nd album (symphonic black metal) should already be released on English BLACKEND/PLASTIC HEAD.

  • We invite you to TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION website - there you'll find out when and where they play in Europe this summer!

  • SMG RECORDS MAILORDER CATALOG you will find here:

  • Next two releases of Elitist Records, RAKOTH's masterful "Planeshift" and WITHOUT FACE's supreme "Astronomicon", will be out in Europe on Monday, July 1st.

  • Florida Death Metal veterans - MALEVOLENT CREATION - are set to record their 8th full length album since July 10th with producer Jean Francois Dagenais (better known as guitarist/producer for Kataklysm) at Greenhouse FX Studios in Tampa, Florida. The new album titled "THE WILL TO KILL" will be the first to feature new vocalist Kyle Symons (Hate Plow) and new drummer Justin DiPinto (ex-Divine Rapture). 17 songs will be recorded during these sessions and promise to be nothing short of pure terror!!! 14 new tracks, 2 re-recorded songs from their 3rd album "Stillborn" and a cover of "Metal Militia" from Metallica (for a tribute CD on Nuclear Blast Records). The band has also signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Records who will release "The Will To Kill" throughout Europe later this year. "The Will To Kill" will be released in the US and Canada through Arctic Music. Look for Malevolent Creation on tour later this year! Info about other releases on Arctic Music:

  • The long awaited first assault of "HIMNOS RITUALES de GUERRA 'zine" is finally out! 80 killer pages (in English) of pure death/black/thrash/heavy metal holocaust!

  • OPEN HELL FESTIVAL 2002, 26-27. of July (Fr 17:00-01:30 / Sa 11:30-01:30), Volyne, Na Nove, southwest of Czech Republic. Price: 11 EURO (presale) / 13 EURO (at the place). Bands to appear: Centinex (Swe), In Aeternum (Swe), Diabolical (Swe), Obtest (Lith), Desaster (Ger), Averse Sefira (USA), Vesperian Sorrow (USA), May Result (Serb), Root (Cze), Hypnos (Cze), Darkfall (A), Witchburner (Ger), Debustrol (Cze), Avenger (Cze), Dark Storm (Cze), Sungate (Sk), Silent Stream of Godless Elegy (Cze), Locomotive (Cze), Colp (Cze), Age of Storm (Cze), Mortifilia (Cze), Ingrowing (Cze), Tortharry (Cze), Sabathory (Cze), Crusher (Cze), Adultery (Cze). All details can be found at:

  • AVULSED is arranging the last details for 10 songs that will be included on their 3rd album entitled "YEARNING FOR THE GROTESQUE" to be released on AVANTGARDE MUSIC in November 2002. The album will be recorded again at the Spacelab Studios in Germany, where they already registered their highly acclaimed "Stabwound Orgasm" album.

  • For websites and e-mail addresses of the bands connected with DISPLEASED and FROM BEYOND, visit:

  • INHUMATE is working hard on new compositions (11 ready for the moment, but for a total running time of 23 minutes only...) for their 4th full length album.

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