"(…) Great, well put together magazine!! Total killer!!! (…)" - R. Fφrster of Ross Bay Cult / Blasphemy

"(…) the zine is great (…)" - Dennis of Kneel Before The Master's Throne Records

"(…) I liked it very much. Professional printed and I liked the fact that you took care of how you press it. Not a cheap job (…)" - Yannis of Black Vomit Records & Almighty Sathanas

"(…) I liked the zine a lot. It was quite some time ago that I read a zine and it felt good! I especially enjoyed the Dead Congregation and Panzerfaust zine interviews. (…)" - Tony Richter of Undecayed & ex-9th Plague/ex-Nekrologium zine

"(…) I really enjoy reading it. Hell yeah. I miss these kind of fanzine very much. (…)" - Perra of Nominon / In Aeternum and many others

"(…) AWESOME! Thanx alot. Just started reading Burning Abyss. Really nice looking layout and graphics bro. The few interviews I have read are pretty in depth. Cheers...nice job. (…)" - Bill of Mental Funeral zine

"(…) cool zine I must say (…)" - Costa of Iron Pegasus Records

"(…) I'm half way through your zine. I think on the plus side there's the layout, which is, in a word, impressive. Moreover, the feeling that radiates through the contents is that of PURE underground. Actually it feels a little nostalgic reading your fanzine... You know, back in the day all zines used to be like this; the editor interviewing primarily unknown bands and the interviews coming across in a very "friendly" manner. Everyone supporting each other - that was what the scene was like back in the early nineties, as you might remember. (…)" - NorthWind of The Sinister Flame zine

"(…) It was very good, an impressive collection of evil and wickedness. (…)" - Sam of Apocalyptic Visions

"(...) Great stuff! (...)" - Evan of Deathgasm Records


"From 'zines / magazines the most I like are Wolfpack (it fucking rules!), Ledo Takas, BURNING ABYSS, Ravenclaw, Necroscope, Qvadrivivm" - Tom of THRONEUM band & EXTREME DENSE NEWSLETTER (in the interview for AGONIA mag.)

"There's a couple of professional titles such as BURNING ABYSS mag., which has arisen from ordinary, home-made 'zine to the pro-printed magazine with a CD added to each issue" - Silva of MAGIVANGA mag. (in the Polish Scene Report for AGONIA mag.)

"Nice compilation, with a professional cover and booklet (with many pages) that contains 14 bands, 6 Polish ones and 8 more of the rest of the world. Most of them are good, some suck. It's a very good way of getting to know the underground a bit more and especially the Polish scene which has a lot of bands to offer to the world-wide underground scene by the way. Grade: 8/10" - FROZEN HELL 'zine about "BURNING ABYSS 'zine compilation tape vol.1"

If you've seen or written any reviews on works connected with BURNING ABYSS, please, send them to me. Thanx in advance!

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